Tesla Superchargers in Alaska, Locations and Map

Looking for a Tesla Supercharger charging station in Alaska? Then find Address, Contact details, charging information and location map for all the Tesla Superchargers in “The Last Frontier”.

As of Q1 of 2022, there is only one Tesla Supercharger station in Alaska, which by the way is also the northernmost Supercharger station in North America. This Tesla EV Charging station is the state’s first ever Tesla Supercharger and is located in Whistle Hill in Soldotna, AK, about 2 Hours 44 mins south of Anchorage via Alaska Route 1 (AK1) state highway.

This Whistle Hill rest stop already hosts 2 Tesla Destination chargers on site and is a popular spot with two train themed amenities nearby: Addie Camp restaurant and Brew@602 Espresso bar.

The Two 50A Tesla destination chargers (2 Tesla Connectors, up to 16kW) are located on the backside of the Depot, and one more in the back of the Addie Camp. The Four Tesla Supercharger V3 stalls, capable of up to 250kW charging rates, are located behind Addie Camp restaurant (next to fresh365).

Tesla Supercharger Soldotna, AK 99669

Tesla Supercharger Soldotna AK 99669 Alaska United States
  • Name: Whistle Stop
  • Address: 43540 Kleeb Loop, Soldotna, AK 99669
  • Location: Get Location
  • Phone Number: (907) 398-2931
  • Roadside Assistance: (877) 798-3752
  • Charging: 4 Superchargers, available 24/7, up to 250kW
  • Nearby Amenities: Restrooms – Addie Camp, Brew@602, Restaurants – Addie Camp, Shopping – Frames & Things, Beverage – Brew@602

It is interesting to note that there are currently 940 EV registrations in Alaska and is the only US state where Tesla is not in the Market share lead. Nissan EVs has about 40% market share in Alaska, to Tesla’s 34%.

The state is also slated to get DC fast charging network along the Highway, with both AEA (Alaska Energy Authority) and non-AEA funded EV charging stations near Homer, Soldotna, Seward, Cooper Landing, Anchorage, Chugiak, Trapper Creek, Cantwell, Healy and Fairbanks.

Tesla itself had plans to open a Supercharger station in Anchorage but currently it is omitted from the list of Tesla Supercharger stations in Alaska (as of Q1 2022).

Hope you like this article regarding Tesla Supercharging sites in Alaska. We will add more locations as Tesla opens new location in the state, which are added and updated in each quarter. If you have experienced the availability, charging speed, price and amenities accessibility at this location in Soldotna, AK, please let us know in the comment section below.

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