Self Car Washing Tips For Car Owners

Bought a brand new car and want to know how it’ll retain its shine for a long time? Not a fan of Automatic carwashes? Find the best car care tips on self-washing your car so that you can maintain the luxurious look of your new car.

6 Tips By Car Wash Experts

Most of the car owners who previously owns a car/vehicle learned the hard way that there are certain things you should avoid when it comes to self-cleaning your car. Going for cheaper options, taking the car care for granted and wrong car shapoo are some of the pitfalls that you want to avoid as a new car owner. So, let us help you by stating the most important tips when it comes to self car washing:

Don’t Wash Your Car In Direct Sunlight

Generally people tend to wash their car on a bright sunny day thinking it’ll dry quickly afterward and they’ll go on a shiny ride. But before you finish washing off your car shampoo properly, the heat from direct sunlight will speed up the drying of soap and water, leaving visible spot marks.

Don’t Wash Your Car When The Body Is Hot

For the same as above, avoid self-washing your car after you’ve parked it under direct sunlight for a long time OR when the car body is too hot immediately after the driving.

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Wash Your Car Using Two Bucket Method

The whole point of using the two bucket wash method is that you don’t end up scrubbing back the dirt you’ve previously wiped off from the surface of your car. For this isolation to achieve, fill two 5-gallon buckets with clean water. Then, mix car wash shampoo in one bucket while leaving the other with clean water, acting as your rinse bucket. Have a grit guard for your rinse bucket and a Grit guard/Washboard for your soapy water bucket.

First dunk your car wash mitts in Soapy water bucket, loading it up with suds and clean a whole panel. After that dunk your car wash mitt in the rinse water bucket and use the grit guard to release the dirt trapped. Repeat the process.

Use Car Washing Mitts Only

Traditional Car washing sponges are not a great choice for washing your precious car. Sponges don’t hold the suds very well and dirt usually gets trapped in the pores of the sponge, resulting in small scratches that cause swirl marks.

A premium, microfiber chenille car wash mitt’s strands not only holds a loads of soap and suds for a gentle, scratch-free wash but also release the trapped dirt easily when dunked into a rinse bucket.

Move Wash Mitts Length Wise And From Top To Bottom

As a natural instinct, people tend to wash a panel of their car in circles but this technique is guaranteed to leave swirl marks. That’s why always move the wash mitts length-wise across the car body.

Rocker panels which are located along the sides of the vehicle between front and rear wheel well openings, is usually the dirtiest part of a car. As a newbie car washer, avoid cleaning this portion of the car first, otherwise you will pick this dirt in your rinse bucket and subsequently spread it across the body, while cleaning the top.

So, always start cleaning from the top part of your car first, panel by panel, working your way down.

6. Use Quality Car Wash Shampoos

Either because of their simple laziness or to save some bucks, many car owners tend to use hair shampoo or detergents on their car body instead of car wash shampoos. But sooner or later they realize that using these quick wash ingredients doesn’t bode well for their precious car.

Detergents and hair shampoo ruin the original wax of the car, depleting it’s shine overtime, leaving a dull vehicle at the expense of their laziness. Multiple industry studies shows that a well-kept vehicle with regular use of quality car shampoo and wax not only retain the original shine of the car for decades but also benefit the owner in terms of resale value.

So, here it is guys & gals. Keep your car new and shiny with these self car washing tips and please share with us your experience, favorite brand of car shampoo & wax and any other tips you’ll like us to add according to your geographical presence.

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