Methods To Buy CakeUP Coin on DEX and CEX

Are you interested in buying CakeUp finance token on PanCakeSwap? If you are searching for “ways to buy CakeUp coin”, “price of CakeUp coin” or “CakeUp token price predictions”, then you are at the right place as we have listed all information about CakeUp rebase token like fully diluted market cap, roadmap, total supply and tokenomics.

CakeUp token is a automatic rebasing token which is built on Binance Smart Chain and the the most important fact about CakeUp coin is that it rewards its holders with CAKE coins automatically. Currently CakeUp token is on the top gainers list of CoinMarketCap’s website with a growth growth of 400% within 24 hours. The CakeUP total supply is not fixed and it varies according with the market cap & price. The official website of CakeUP Coin is and the original BSC smart contract address of CakeUp rebasing token is 0x709018c03f5abe17485c1ef9c7b0ff19079af24a


CakeUP Token CompanyCakeUP Finance
CakeUP Coin SymbolCakeUP
CakeUP Trading PairCAKEUP/BNB
CakeUP Buy LinkBuy CakeUp Token On Pancakeswap
CAKE Rewards5%

Methods To Buy CakeUP Finance COIN:

If you have missed the opportunity to buy rebase tokens like Flokinomics or Fomo Baby at the initial stage then this CakeUP token is the right coin for you as it has just reached a market cap of 1.5 million. As we have explained in previous articles that how the rebasing token works then you can easily see a 10x from CakeUP coin in the future as the price will move according to the market cap. As the CakeUP token is recently added to CoinMarketCap’s website so the only place to buy CakeUP rebasing token is PanCakeSwap finance. It is very easy process for purchasing CakeUP rebase token, you just need some amount of BNB in your metamask or trust wallet.

Buy CakeUP Coin on Pancakeswap

As we have checked the website of CakeUP finance token also, so at present pancakeswap finance is the best option for users who are interested in CakeUP token. So lets checkout the steps for Purchasing CakeUP rebasing token using Pancakeswap and trust wallet below:

  • First of all you have to fund your trust wallet with some BNB (Binance Smart Chain) token for purchasing the CakeUP coin.
  • You can use any of the centralized cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, Bitmart,,, Kucoin or FTX to transfer your BNB coins to your trust wallet.
  • If you have android phone you can directly visit the DAPPS option of your trust wallet but if you are using an iPhone open safari browser there & put URL:trust:browser_enable to enable it for swapping CakeUP tokens.
  • In this Step open the popular decentralized exchange website and connect your trust wallet to it & switch the network chain to binance smart chain.
  • Now enter the amount of BNB for which you want to buy CakeUP coins in the 1st tab and in the 2nd tab enter the contract address of CakeUP rebasing token to import it on pancakeswap exchange.
  • Now setting up slippage before the purchase of CakeUP token is the most important part of the transaction. So in the case of CakeUP set the slippage allowance to atleast 10% so transaction can smoothly process but if you face any gas/fees error you must increase the slippage.
  • In the final stage of purchase, click on the swap button present there and approve the transaction of CakeUP token by paying a small fees in BNB token.
  • After completing the purchase of CakeUP rebasing token add the token address in the list of token which are present in trust wallet by providing details like CakeUP contract address, CakeUP network, CakeUP token symbol and CakeUP token decimal value.
  • Once you have finished the above steps close your trust wallet and reopen it by refreshing homepage, immediately you will see you CakeUP token in your trust wallet.
  • Note: The holders of CakeUP token must add CAKE coin in the homepage of their trust wallet to see the amount of Cake coin rewards.
  • If you are not fond of using trust wallet for purchasing CakeUP token then you can use Metamask wallet also, checkout this video:

Price Prediction of CakeUP Token

  1. CakeUP Coin Price Prediction for October 2021: $0.00000050
  2. CakeUP Coin Price Prediction For November 2021: $0.0000010
  3. CakeUP Token Price Prediction For December 2021: $0.0000050
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CakeUP Coin on Google Trends:

CakeUP Coin Whitepaper:

If you are interested in reading how the CakeUP token rebasing mechanism works just checkout their whitepaper – CakeUP Whitepaper

CakeUP Rebasing Token Roadmap:

Phase 1Phase 2Phase 3
Developing CakeUP Smart ContractReaching 2500 CakeUP Token Holders10000 Holders Milestone
CakeUP Finance Website LaunchCoinGecko ListingCentralized Exchange Listings
CakeUP Token Launch on PancakeSwap Trust Wallet Logo Community Growth
Community EventsCoinMarketCap listingAudit by Techrate
Giveaways (Meme Contest)Blockfolio ListingMerchandise Store
Online Advertising500k Marketcap Milestone (Charity Donation)Charity Event at 5 Million Market Cap
Social Media PromotionsPartnerships/Sponsorships, Website UpgradationLamborghini Giveaway once CakeUP token reaches 50 Million Market Cap

CakeUP Coin Social Media Details:

CakeUP Telegram Group@cakeupbsc
2.5k+ Members
CakeUP Twitter Handle@CakeUPBSC

Frequently Asked Questions About CakeUP Rebase & Reward Token:

What is the total supply of CakeUP Coin?

The mechanism of CakeUP coin is same like InfinitUP coin, so the total supply of coins if elastic.

What is the smart contract address of CakeUP token?

The real smart contract address CakeUP rebasing token is 0x709018c03f5abe17485c1ef9c7b0ff19079af24a

Is CakeUP coin has been audited?

The CakeUP token will be audited soon in the phase 3 according to the roadmap of CakeUP finance.

Where i can see the real time price chart for CakeUP token?

You can check live chart with transactions of CakeUP token on Poocoin website – CakeUP Price Chart.

DISCLAIMER: The price predictions prepared here about the CakeUP rebasing token are only for educational use only. The author has created the CakeUP price predictions based on the tokenomics and hype around this token. This CakeUP price forecast cannot be used as a financial/legal advice & users should contact their financial consultants before investing into this rebasing token. Our website is not liable for your CakeUP token investments and trades. Investing in Crypto Meme Tokens is very risky and it will be your own decision to invest in it. Note: This CakeUP price prediction made on this page can't be used for republication, redistribution & framing on any other platform online without our permission.

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