Excitel Broadband vs Jio Fiber Internet Plans Comparison and Features [2023]

Excitel and Jio Fiber both ISP understand the importance of gaining an early loyal customer base and hence offering various sweet deals on high speed FTTH broadband internet plans across all major Indian cities. The plethora of broadband offers have left customers confused in their decision to choose a Broadband service provider catering to their needs.

Hence we’ve come with a head-to-head comparison of the popular Excitel Vs JioFiber broadband Plans in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune and Bengaluru etc. You can also find a detailed comparison of both ISPs on basis of their Installation Process/ Charges, OTT Services and after-sale Customer Support.

India has over 700 Million active internet users as of 2023, that’s around half of our 1.39 billion population. The Internet penetration in the country rose by around 35% in the last decade and the number is expected to reach around 900 million internet users by 2024. Out of those, there are around 23.05 million wired broadband connections in India and over 200 ISPs.

The top 3 cities in the country in terms of Broadband Internet user base are Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad and Let’s see how both Excitel and Jio Fiber are luring potential customers into their Subscriber base in these urban metro cities.

Excitel Broadband Plans

Prepaid Months100 Mbps200 Mbps300 Mbps
1₹699  +GST₹799  +GST₹899  +GST
3₹1695  +GST₹1914  +GST₹2256  +GST
4₹2032  +GST₹2288  +GST₹2544  +GST
₹2940  +GST₹3270  +GST₹3600  +GST
9₹3816  +GST₹4239  +GST₹4797  +GST
12₹4788  +GST₹5388  +GST₹5988  +GST

Jio Fiber Plans

Prepaid Months (Validity)100 Mbps150 Mbps300 Mbps
1 (30 Days)₹699  +GST₹999  +GST₹1499  +GST
3 (90 Days)₹2097  +GST₹2997  +GST₹4497  +GST
6  (180+15 Days)₹4194  +GST₹5994  +GST₹8994  +GST
12 (360+30 Days)₹8388  +GST₹11988  +GST₹17988  +GST

100 MBPS Plan Comparison

For 1 Month Prepaid/Validty:  Excitel’s Streamers 100 Mbps Plan costs ₹699 whereas Jio Fiber’s monthly 100 Mbps Plan costs the same ₹699  (Both exclusive of GST). In this segment, neither of these two broadband internet service provider are offering Free OTT Subscription but Jio Fiber is offering Free Voice anywhere in India.

My Opinion: And in that respect Jio Fiber 100 Mbps Plan is a better deal than Excitel 100 Mbps plan on a monthly basis.

For 3 Month Prepaid/Validity: With promised 100 Mbps Upload & 100 Mbps Download speed by both ISP, it’s actually a trade-off in terms of feature. Broadband Customers who wish to save some bucks can go with Excitel’s ₹1695 plan whereas Customers who benefits from Jio’s Free Voice call, can go with Jio Fiber’s ₹2097 plan.

My Opinion: There is a trade-off between Excitel’s low price and Jio’s Free Voice in this Broadband segment.

For 6 Months Prepaid/Validity: Broadband Customers get a pretty sweet deal in this segment by Excitel, where you get ₹1254 cheaper 100 Mbps broadband internet in comparison to Jio Fiber. But Jio also has an extra 15 days free Validity in addition to the usual Free Voice offer.

My Opinion: Excitel Broadband Offer is a better deal Than Jio Fiber’s 100 Mbps Plan on a Semi-annual Basis.

For a Year’s Prepaid/Validity: On the annual Plan, Jio tried to sweeten the deal by giving 1 month extra Long Term Plan Benefit validity on top of 360 Days. But Excitel’s Yearly Plan is whooping ₹3600 cheaper than Jio Fiber.

My Opinion: Excitel’s 100 Mbps Plan is a way better deal than Jio Fiber 100 Mbps Plan on a Yearly basis.

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300 MBPS Plan Comparison

For 1 Month Prepaid/Validity: At ₹899, Excitel’s300 Mbps broadband internet plan for 1 month is ₹600 cheaper than Jio Fiber @₹1499. But the telecommunication giant Jio, is offering Access to 15 paid OTT applications at no cost on top of Free Voice across India.

Opinion: The best usage of Unlimited 300 Mbps Plan goes hand-in-hand with entertainment services offered by ISP and that’s why it’s a no brainer that Jio Fiber is a clear winner in this segment over Excitel.

For 3 Month Prepaid/Validity: At price ₹2256, Excitel’s 300 Mbps-3 month prepaid Plan is ₹2241 cheaper than Jio Fiber 300 Mbps-Quarterly Plan. Plus Excitel is offering OTT subscription plan for Zee5, Voot Select, Eros Now and ShemarooMe at no extra cost with this 300 Mbps 3 months fiber broadband plan. Now, sure Excitel’s OTT pack can’t match popular OTT like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+Hotstar or ALT Balaji included in Jio Fiber but with ₹2241 difference between the two, customers can selectively choose their preferred OTT separately and yet save some money.

Opinion: This Segment is highly competitive but arguably Excitel’s unlimited 300 Mbps broadband Plan is better deal Than Jio Fiber’s 300 Mbps-Quarterly Plan.

For 6 Month Prepaid/Validity: Gaming Community mainly wish for minimal Latency & Ping, No data caps and wired connectivity from its Internet Service Provider and Excitel, who is heavily marketing all its 300 Mbps Prepaid Plans for Gamers, is offering all these services. The same can be said about Jio Fiber Plus its usual gift of Free OTT bundle and free extra 15 days validity with this Semiannual-300Mbps Plan. But Excitel priced this plan segment at ₹3600 whereas the same for Jio Fiber is costs ₹8994, a whooping ₹5394 more.

Opinion: This Jio Fiber’s wholesome Broadband+OTT pack is best suited for a Family who gonna share the internet and fully utilize the free OTT perks; while Excitel’s way cheaper plan best suited for Gamers & students who’ll get all benefit of a 300Mbps broadband Plan yet it doesn’t burden their pocket.

For a Year’s Prepaid/Validity: This is a No-Brainer. Opinion: Excitel’s Yearly 300 Mbps Broadband internet Plan is a way better deal than Jio Fiber 300 Mbps yearly Plan. No 30 Day free validity, free voice or 13+ free OTT subscription offer from Jio Fiber can make a customer pay ₹12,000 more (Excitel is priced ₹5988  and Jio Fiber is Priced ₹17988).

You can pay Excitel’s 300 Mbps-Yearly bill for 3 years at Jio Fiber’s 300 Mbps-Yearly broadband Price. So, until you are Fanatic or loyal Jio Fiber customer, Excitel is the way to go.

Excitel 200 MBPS and Jio Fiber 150 MBPS Plan Comparison

(No OTT, No Voice)
(Free Voice)
1 Month₹799 ₹999 (15 free OTT excluding Netflix)
3 Month₹1914 (available only for new subscribers)₹2997  (15 free OTT excluding Netflix)
6 Month₹3270 ₹5994  (15 Free extra days validity and 15 free OTT excluding Netflix)
12 Month₹5388 ₹11988 (30 Free extra days validity and 15 free OTT excluding Netflix)

Installation Process

Installation of New Jio Fiber Broadband Connection:

How to Request New Connection: To Get JioFiber connection Visit https://fiber.jio.com/registration & follow mentioned steps

Time Taken in Installation & Activation: 2 Hours

Installation Charges: For a new broadband connection, the installation charges will be Rs.1000 (Non-refundable) and Rs.1500 (refundable) towards Security Deposit (Free Router).

Is Router Free With Jio Fiber? : Yes,Reliance Jio is offering freerouter for its Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) JioFiber service customers.

Website: www.jio.com/fiber

Installation of New Excitel Broadband Connection:

How to request New Connection: Call Excitel Helpdesk (STD) 33-44-77-88 i.e. in Delhi at phone number (011) 33 44 77 88 or in Hyderabad at (040) 33 44 77 88, to request for a new Excitel Broadband Connection.

Time Taken in Installation & Activation: Keeping in mind the physical connections / wiring feasibility in your area, a new Excitel Broadband connection installation may take 2 days to a week.

Installation Charges: Installation Charges depends on the Excitel’s service partner in your area and can vary from 800 Inr to 1500.

Is Router Free with Excitel Broadband? : No, Excitel does not provide a router with new Broadband internet connection. Customers have to buy a Dual band Wi-Fi router separately on their own.

Website: www.excitel.com

OTT Subscription Plans

Excitel OTT Offer: Excitel is offering OTT subscription of Zee5, Voot Select, Eros Now and ShemarooMe free of cost, only with their 300 Mbps 3 months Excitel Fiber plan. You can’t choose any other free OTT (Over the Top) subscription service and also no other Excitel Plan offer the same.

Jio Fiber OTT Offer: Depending onthe (FTTH) JioFiber Broadband Plan and Validity choosen, customers can enjoy 15+ free OTT services like Netflix Basic, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+Hotstar VIP, Voot Select, Sony Liv, Zee5, Voot Kids, Sun NXT, Hoichoi, Lionsgate Play, Discovery+, Jio Cinema, ShemarooMe, Eros Now, ALT Balaji and Jio Saavn

Prepaid Months (Validity)100 Mbps150 Mbps300 Mbps
1 (30 Days)NO OTT15 OTT except NetflixAll 16 OTT (including Netflix basic)
3 (90 Days)NO OTT15 OTT except NetflixAll 16 OTT (including Netflix basic)
6  (180+15 Days)NO OTT15 OTT except NetflixAll 16 OTT (including Netflix basic)
12 (360+30 Days)NO OTT15 OTT except NetflixAll 16 OTT (including Netflix basic)

Pros and Cons



  • Very Cheap Broadband Plans
  • Good Upload and Download Speed
  • Zero Downtime in Metro Cities
  • More options in choosing the Monthly prepaid months from 1,3,4,6,9 and 12


  • Work through a various Service Partners and depending on your area you can get excellent to worst customer service
  • No Router provided with new Broadband Connection and ADSL router (modem + router) is not compatible with Excitel FTTH broadband services.
  • No Static IP Addresses

Jio Fiber


  • Great variety of options in choosing the Broadband Internet speed according to your need. The Plans starts as low as 30 Mbps, 100 Mbps, 150 Mbps, 300 Mbps, 500 Mbps, 1 Gbps@6600GB a month and Unlimited 1 Gbps
  • Exceptional Customer Support. Just Reach out to their customer support team via MyJio app, Toll Free Number 1800-896-9999, Jio Fiber WhatsApp Support number 917000570005 or Just Mail them ([email protected])
  • Great Selection of OTT entertainment services comes bundled with Jio Fiber Plans at no additional cost.


  • Customers have to Purchase an additional Jio Set Top Box (STB) at a price of ₹3999 (Including GST), if they want to enjoy all the free OTT services with their Plan. There is no Installation charges though.
  • Additional Set Top Box will be solely owned by you after you purchase, there will be no refund given for this device even if the services get cancelled.
  • Free OTT Which are accessible only on the JIO STB includes: Voot Select, Lionsgate Play, ALT Balaji, ShemarooMe and Eros Now. All other free OTT Subscription with Jio Fiber can be accessed on other devices either using registered mobile number or via the OTT app.

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