How to play Free Fire in India after ban 2022

Garena Free Fire is banned in India today on 14 February, 2022 along with 53 other Chinese mobile applications on Play Store, and the Esport community of the game has gone in frenzy, searching the internet for answers.

The most burning questions many Free Fire players has at this moment can be summed up as “Why Free Fire is banned in India?”, “Is the Free Fire ban temporary?”, “is Garena a Chinese company” and the most important of the lot is “How to play free fire after the ban in 2022?.”

In this article we will cover the whole catastrophe, from the news from Government of India perspective, Garena Free Fire’s response, and comparison with PUBG ban along with presenting various ways gamers can still enjoy the game.

As of writing this article, you can’t find “Garena Free Fire” in the google Play Store but “Garena Free Fire Max” and “Booyah” apps are still available there. On opening the already downloaded game, it seems to open just fine but the same can’t be said in the coming days or two.

Popular Free Fire You tubers like “Total Gaming”, “Lokesh Gamer”, “Gyan Gaming” and “Desi Gamers”, who earns in Lakhs and predominantly has a Free Fire base are also expected to release their comment on the Free Fire ban with their community but as of now there is no activity from their side.

And this has presented uncertainty and chaos amongst the free fire community, who wants to know concrete news about the Free Fire ban 2022 and whether they can continue to play their beloved game in the future.

On twitter #FreeFireban and #FreeFirebanned is already gaining traction and within a day or two, it is expected to be trending in the region. Especially considering the monetary aspect of the game, where many players have spent thousands of rupees for in-game clothes, accessories and Gun skin to gain competitive edge over their enemy.

The game has a massive fan following on all social media apps raking in millions of views and impressions. All official news about Garena’s response regarding the Free Fire ban will be released by these official channels in due time.

YoutubeFree Fire India Official
Esports ChannelFree Fire Esports India

Is Garena Free Fire Chinese App?

Garena is one of the product of “Sea Limited”, a global consumer internet company headquartered in Singapore. Garena is known for developing engaging mobile and PC online games, especially multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games.

In 2017, Garena released “Free Fire”, a battle royale game, which later became the company’s marque game, shattering many records in just a few years. Garena Free Fire became the most downloaded mobile game globally on Play Store in 2019 and 2020 and won the Esport Mobile Game of the Year 2020 at Esports Awards.

Though the Electronic gaming and Multimedia Company is registered in Singapore (1 Fusionopolis Place, No. 17-10, Galaxis, Singapore 138522), and has almost no operational exposure to mainland China, yet it is well known that Chinese Tech conglomerate “Tencent” was an early investor in “Sea Ltd” and holds a good chunk of the company’s shares.

It is important to mention here that while Garena pays Millions in royalties to Tencent for licensing many popular game titles in South-east Asia like League of Legends and Arena of Valor; Free Fire is an internally developed game.

So why Garena Free Fire was banned? Well at this moment it is speculated that like the infamous Chinese app ban of 2020, Indian Government perhaps found that like many Singapore and Hong Kong based apps then, Free Fire is found to be sending Indian user data to Chinese servers later on (Not Confirmed Yet. Not a legal comment).

Which 54 Chinese Apps are banned in India in 2022?

The 54 banned Chinese apps in India on 14 February 2022 includes: Beauty Camera, CuteU & CuteU Pro, FancyU & FancyU Pro, RealU, Moonchat, Funchat Equalizer & Bass Booster, Music Plus, Equalizer Pro, Volume Booster, CamCard, Isoland 2, Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade, APUS Security HD, Parallel Space Lite 32 support, Viva Video Editor, Nice Video Baidu, Tencent Xriver, Onmyoji Chess & Arena, AppLock, Dual Space 32 & 64Bit, Dual Space Lite & Pro, Conquer Online & Conquer Online 2 – MMORPG Game, Live Weather & Radar, Notes Color Pad, MP3 Cutter, Barcode Scanner, Lica Cam, EVE Echoes, Astracraft, UU Game Booster, Extraordinary ones, Badlanders, Stick Fight, Garena Free Fire – Illuminate and many more.

How to Play Free in India After the Ban?

Garena Free Fire ban in India 2022 - Servicecenter-nearme dot com

Now comes the tricky party whether you can play Garena Free Fire game on your smartphones after the ban imposed by Indian Government. As per the data provided on Google search trends, Free Fire game lovers are searching for queries like “how to play free fire after ban”, “can i play free fire after ban”, “alternative methods to play free after ban in India” and “when free fire will get unbanned in India”. As we all know Free Fire is not a game based in India, so the game access is banned by the Internet Service providers by blocking access to servers of Free Fire. You can play Free Fire by changing your IP location using VPNs but it will be your risk because as the per the Indian Law it is illegal. We don’t suggest you to use VPNs to play as there will be disadvantages like ping issues but if you need to access your free fire data, you can checkout these VPNs:

Turbo VPN For Accessing Free Fire Servers

Turbo VPN is one of the best VPN is you want to play Free Fire as it gives access to many IP locations worldwide. Also it offers split tunneling service in which you can choose the apps which you want to access through Turbo VPN servers. Turbo VPN provides free as well as premium options but free servers are also fast but in premium you will get benefits like No Ads, Faster Connection, More IP Locations and you can also use same Turbo VPN app on 5 devices.

Free/PremiumIP Locations
Free (US)[United States]: Washington, Miami, Los Angeles, Clifton, San Jose
Premium (US)United States: New York, Secaucus, Phoenix, Chicago, Lakewood, Loa Angeles
Other Premium CountriesMalaysia – Kuala Lumpur, Argentina – Buenos Aires, Chile – Santiago, Greece – Athens, Singapore, Australia – Sydney, Canada – Toronto, Italy – Milan, South Korea – Seoul, Naju, Saudi Arabia – Riyadh, Switzerland – Geneve, Thailand – Mueang Nonthaburi, Bangkok, Lebanon – Beirut, Philippines – Bugallon, Russia – Moscow, St Petersburg, New Zealand – Auckland, UAE – Dubai, Ukraine, Turkey, France, Mexico, Denmark, Japan, Morocco, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Spain, Indonesia, Belgium, South Africa, Austria, Finland, Brazil, Poland, Taiwan, United Kingdom, Cambodia, Iran, Iceland, Sweden, Netherlands, Norway, Germany and Romania

Surf Easy VPN For Playing Free Fire:

Surf Easy can suit your mobile gaming needs as it offers multiple IP locations worldwide. The most important feature of Surf Easy VPN is its tracker blocking feature which will block the request of many ad servers and the services which need access to personal data for selling. You will get low latency while playing free fire from India as Surf Easy offers free connectivity to near by server locations like Singapore.

  • Server Locations: Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Singapore, Spain, Ukraine, United Kingdom and United States. Although there are many IP locations in the free plan of Surf Easy VPN but if you still want less ping on Free Fire servers you can go for their premium subscription which will cost between 5 to 6 dollar a month with money back guarantee.

Proton VPN: Play Free Fire Using Free Plan

Proton VPN is one of the most reputable VPN company when it comes to premium services. But free fire gamers don’t get upset as Proton VPN also offers free plan to its users but the only requirement is you have to sign up on their applications. The free plan of Proton VPN also offers 256 Bit encryption and it also comes with a special feature like DNS leak prevention. If you want to play only free fire game then you can for their freemium plan as there is no limit on data usage but if you want more locations, then you must go for the premium plan of Proton VPN.

Hotspot Shield: Best VPN For Free Fire Casual Gamers

If you are not much into mobile gaming and play Garena Free Fire casually during your free time, you can choose Hotspot Shield. The free plan of Hotspot shield only offers one location which is United States and there is a limit of 750MB per per day. Security is the most important concern while using free VPNs, if you don’t care about ping in gaming & more security then you can install it on your device as it comes with military grade security.

BetterNet VPN: Simple UI VPN For Accessing Free Fire Mobile Game

Some users don’t care much about security and just need to access the free fire game, for them BetterNet VPN is the best option. As their is less security so players will get less latency during the free fire gameplay and there is no limit on the data usage. This BetterNet Hotspot VPN has more than 5 Crore downloads on the official Google Play store and has been reviewed by more than 1 million users.

HIDEME VPN: Most Secure VPN For Free Fire Gaming

Are you searching for most secure VPN with IKEv2 encryption? HideMe VPN is one of the best secure VPN for Free Fire gaming which comes with two kinds of encryption like IKEv2 and OpenVPN. The only disadvantage of using HIDEME VPN is that you will get only 2GB of data per month but it will be enough if you are newbie or casual free fire gamer. If you want to use VPN for only for playing Free Fire game then you can use the split tunneling feature of HideMe VPN which will decrease your overall data usage.

VPN HUB: Best VPN For Free Fire Pro Gamers

VPN HUB can be used by Free Fire gamers who play for long hours as unlimited data will be required. This VPN Hub also offers multiple IP locations and comes with inbuilt Military Grade encryption to protect your data.

Can Free Fire make a Comeback like BGMI? Is the ban temporary?

One of the most trending question in the whole free fire community currently is “when free fire mobile game will be unbanned”. We all have seen in the past that how strict actions are taken by Indian Government during the Ban of PUBG Mobile. So there is less possibility of unbanning Garena Free Fire soon, although the company has been registered in Singapore but the main problem is the Chinese servers which are used to store data of players. Although there is no clear statement from the Garena Free Fire officials about this ban issue but we may soon expect a tweet from them. According to our analysis and considering past scenarios the Indian Government will not consider unbanning free fire game.

But considering the huge community of Garena Free Fire in India, they might consider launching Free Fire game under new brand name by following Data Protection laws provided by Indian Govt. Officials.

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