How to get free diamonds 💎 in free fire 2023 [Tips & Tricks]

Are you a new Free Fire player and want to get your hand on some precious in-game diamonds for free? or perhaps you need free diamonds top-up to spin the “diamond royale” for a new dress bundle or to purchase an in-game free fire character. We will disclose all legal Garena free fire tips to get free diamonds 💎, double diamonds, or bonus diamonds so that you can buy game items for your in-game FF UID.

Garena Free Fire is the most appealing Battle royale game currently available for the Indian Esport community. Apart from the shooter-survival game style, Free Fire’s main USP is its huge collection of gun skins, Dress bundles, Emotes, Pet skins, and in-game characters. All these in-game items are available in the Game store to be purchased with in-game diamonds 💎, which in turn can be bought with real money.

The Game attracts players even with low-end smartphone devices and many of the free-fire players can’t afford to do regular Diamond Top-ups to procure their favorite game item. Sure, FF redeem codes do give them a way to acquire rare in-game items but Players still wish they have some diamonds 💎 in their in-game account.

Methods to get Free Diamonds:

Through Booyah App

Garena’s very own gaming live-stream app “Booyah” was released for both Android and iOS smartphones and lets you follow your favorite free-fire streamers. But the app is also getting traction, all thanks to its “limited time watch-hour events“, which Garena releases simultaneously with all their major E-sport events. 

These events let you obtain free 💎 diamonds in the quantity of 5, 10 and 50 if you complete the watch time of 30 minutes, 60 minutes and 120 minutes. After the successful completion of these events, you’ll be notified that free diamonds are automatically got added to your in-game free fire account. [Note that you have to bind your Free fire account with Booyah App].

Free Diamond top up in Free fire from Booyah app
Free Diamond top up in Free fire from Booyah app

Apart from these official events, certain big streamers on the Booyah platform also release free diamond 💎 events for their followers. So just by being active on the Booyah app, players can accumulate enough free diamonds in their account.

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Through Google Opinion Rewards and Free Fire Special Drop

Players should install “Google Opinion reward” from the play store for this method of acquiring free in-game diamonds in Free fire. This rewards-based program by Google credits a small sum into your Google Play account, whenever you complete one of their short survey questions.

You can easily get 2-3 survey questions a month if you are active on all google platforms, especially google maps. Even if you don’t get regular surveys you can always provide feedback on the app to ask for more surveys.

Though the amount seems small, Free fire players can intelligently use this Google Play amount to add more diamonds 💎 to their in-game FF UID account. All they have to do is wait for Garena free fire’s in-game special drop, especially the ₹19 special discount drop, which gives 299 diamonds and 10-20 free gun skin crates.

Through Free Fire Advanced Server Bug Report (Rewards)

Before the free fire OB Update release, Players can register for the Free Fire advance server and get free diamonds for reporting any bug or glitch experienced in the next update. With every bug reported to the free fire game developers, you will be rewarded 100 diamonds 💎 in your in-game free fire account.

The Bug hunter program of Free fire advanced server also allows to earn a grand prize of 3000 free diamonds 💎 to main contributors (1 person), 2000 free diamonds 💎(in a 2 person team) and 1000 free diamonds 💎(in a 3 person team).

Through Free fire Special Festival Events

During every major holiday and festival, Free fire holds a special festival event, where players playing the Battle Royale mode can plant special gift trees on the spawn island. These gift bouquets are acquired by playing as many games as possible during the event window.

Other players can then collect various gift items including free diamonds 💎in the quantity of 5 & 10 by standing near the festival gifts. Though remember that only a handful of players will get diamonds from a tree, so try to play as many games as possible.

Through Free Fire Mystery Shop

Rather than a trick to earn free fire-free diamonds 💎, this tip actually guides new players of the game on how to intelligently spend their diamonds to get their maximum worth. After you’ve collected some diamonds, you should wait for the best event of free-fire – The Mystery shop.

Players should know that generally after every 2 months, free fire releases their mystery shop event in the last week before the next OB update. Players can spin the Discount wheel and can get up to a 90% discount on the diamond price of rare free fire items like New pets, gun skins boxes, emotes, free fire name change cards, new characters, and incubator with diamond vouchers.

Through the Free Fire Mystery shop, Players can even get that season Elite pass at a discount price of just 49 diamonds, which is usually worth 499 💎 diamonds. Also, players can get their hand on one of the most in-demand game items – the Name change card, that too in cheap slashed diamond price.

By Participating in FF Custom Rooms

Many prominent YouTubers hold custom room championship and scrim wars every weekend. They release the room number and password to join the custom room for their subscribers on their YouTube live stream.

Players can join these Custom game rooms & scrim wars in free fire and if they emerge victorious, they can win the Free diamond 💎top-up rewards. Since there is no dearth of Youtubers who mainly play Free fire as the main E-sports, our advice will be to subscribe to as many YouTubers as you could.

By Participating in Free Fire Indian E-sports Events

Garena has held many major events for Indian servers, especially since 2021 like FFCO and FFIC Championships. Every free-fire player can register their squad for these tournaments and based on their talent can move up the league point table.

And if the team qualified for league play-in rounds and emerge victorious afterward they win cash rewards. But usually every squad member of other participating FF teams also gets some free diamonds 💎as a consolation prize for their effort.

Conclusion: So here it is guys the complete guide on how to get 1000 free diamonds 💎 in Garena free fire Mobile game. Hope you guys like the article. Please mention your experience regarding any of these means to get free in-game diamonds. And beware of any other illegal ways to acquire diamonds in the game, as it may result in an account ban by Garena.

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