How to buy TOM Coin using Trust Wallet on Pacakeswap DEX

Are you looking for keywords like “how to buy TOM coin”, “best place to invest in TOM (TMC Coin)” or “TOM coin price predictions” online on search providers like Google? Stay here as all info about TOM – TMC coin is provided here with major details like market cap, TMC market supply, TOM token roadmap etc.

TOM Coin is a meme crypto project which has launched their coin on binance smart chain with TMC symbol. As meme tokens have taken a huge market cap in the whole crypto marketplace, so TOM coin is also launched with an aim to provide its users with a play to earn game. Along with the mission of launching P2E game, TOM coin developers are also working on creating a metaverse. TOM token was launched in Feb 2022 by Tomoshi Nekomoto with a total supply of 1,000,000,000,000,000 TMC coins.

If you are interested in Meme token, then TOM coin can be life changing for you because at present the market cap of TMC is close to 1 million USD. If you grab TOM coin at this stage and if their team delivers what they have promised in their roadmap, then be ready for a 1000x gains in the coming months. We have seen in past that tokens like SHIB, SAITAMA have provided gains in thousands percentage, so in this case of TOM coin 100x gains can be reality soon.

The Tom coin is also listed on Coinmarketcap’s website due to which its price spiked more than 200% within last 24 hours. Lets have a look at the tokenomics of TOM Coin which is currently on the trend:


TOM Token CompanyTOM COIN
TOM Coin SymbolTMC
TOM Trading PairTMC/WBNB
TOM Coin Buy LinkBuy TOM Coin On Pancakeswap
Marketing Fee2%
Deflationery0.2% Burn at every transaction
TOM Coin Total Supply1,000,000,000,000,000 TMC
TOM Coin Max Supply1,000,000,000,000,000 TMC
Tom Coin Circulating Supply1,000,000,000,000,000 TMC
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Methods To Buy TOM Coin:

TOM Coin can be purchased through 2 option: first option to buy TOM coin is through swapping BNB coins on pancakeswap exchange to get TMC tokens and the 2nd option is to buy through the centralized exchange Finexbox.

Buy TOM Coin on Trust Wallet

  • Start purchase of TOM coin by 1st transferring some BNB coins from your harware wallet or CEX platform to your Trust wallet.
  • Once you got your BNB tokens in Trust crypto wallet, open website in the DAPP option and paste the BEP2 address of TOM coin there in the currency tab to import it.
  • In the 3rd step after the import of TOM coin address in your trust wallet, type the amount of BNB which your are interested to invest in TMC coin.
  • Now click on the connect option to start the procedure of swapping TOM tokens.
  • Finally you have to click on swap button after setting the slippage tolerance to atleast 5 percent.
  • To complete the swapping of TOM coins you have to pay a small transactional fees in BNB.
  • In the last step after the swapping of TOM coins is approved, add the smart contract address of TOM coin in your wallet’s custom token list. This step is required to see the purchased TMC tokens in your crypto wallet.
If you are using Metamask for purchasing TOM coin, you must use these updated network settings:

  • Network: BSC Mainnet
  • ChainID: 56, or 0x38
  • Symbol: BNB
  • Block Explorer URL:
  • URL: or

  • Price Prediction of TOM Token

    1. TOM Coin Price Prediction for April 2022: $0.0000000030
    2. TOM Coin Price Prediction For May 2022: $0.0000000050
    3. TOM Token Price Prediction For June 2022: $0.000000010
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    TOM Coin Price Chart:

    TOM Coin Whitepaper:

    Want to know more about TOM coin in details, just checkout their official whitepaper: TOM Coin Whitepaper

    Tom Coin Roadmap:

    Phase 1Phase 2Phase 3Phase 4
    Team Buildup1000 TOM Token HoldersCreating Donation WalletP2E Game Planning
    Testing of TMC Smart ContractWebsite UpdateCMC ListingNFT Collection Planning
    Whitepaper LaunchReview of Whitepaper5 Trillion Tom Coin Burning5 Trillion Coin Burn
    Roadmap DevelopmentRoadmap ReviewCoingecko ListingHuge Marketing
    Fair Launch of TOM Token/Liquidity LockNFT Launch3 Trillion TMC BurnPartnerships
    Launch of TMC Coin on PancakeswapInfluencer MarketingMarketing PushFuture Plans According to Market Updates
    Launch of Website2500 Telegram Members GoalRoadmap Review/Website Design5000 Members Telegram Goal
    MarketingProject Updates and Review5k in USD Donation
    1500+ Telegram Members GoalCommunity MeetingTOM Space (Meeting of TOM Coin Holders)

    TOM Token Social Media Details:

    TOM Telegram Grouptomcoin_bsc
    2.5k+ Members
    TOM Twitter Handle@Tomcoin_bsc
    4.5k+ Followers
    TOM Coin
    TOM Coin

    Frequently Asked Questions About TOM Coin:

    What is the maximum supply of Tom coin?

    According to the official website of TOM coin their total token supply is 100 trillion .

    What is the BSC smart contract address of TOM coin?

    0xb27e4de03a6823ddcf4e53606d5aeec295377d70 is the BEP20 smart contract address of TOM coin.

    When can i purchase TOM NFT’s?

    TOM coin holders can expect the NFT launch in the 4th phase of their roadmap.

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    DISCLAIMER: The price predictions created here about TOM token are only for educational purpose. The writer has prepared the TOM price forecast based on token past performance, users searches about TOM - TMC coin on search engines and their roadmap. This TOM price predictions can't be used as financial/legal advice and the crypto users should consult with their financial advisor before thinking to invest in Doge Dash coin. Our website is not liable for your TOM token investments and trades. Cryptocurrency is a risky market and it will be your own risk/decision to invest in it. Note: This TOM price prediction made on this page can't be used for redistribution, republication and framing on any other website without our permission.
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