How to buy Tiger INU 2022 Coin on Pancakeswap Using Trust Wallet V2

Are you searching for keywords like “TigerINU Coin”, “how to buy Tiger INU 2022 coin”, “Where to buy TIGER INU 2022 token” and “Tiger Inu price forecast” online on search engines? Inspired from meme coins like Doge & Shiba INU, this new meme token Tiger INU 2022 has been launched recently on Pancakeswap Finance. Read our guide to get information about TIGER INU 2022 token like its roadmap, market cap, token supply, tax and whitepaper.

TIGER INU 2022 coin which was launched in a stealth mode and have real time working use cases like Play to Earn concept, Metaverse with own NFT marketplace. Tiger INU 2022 token is built up on binance smart chain network and offers rewards to its holders in stable coins. The official website of Tiger Inu 2022 token is and its BSC smart contract address is 0x47a2eba06d06ae21202dc280b48f4b8f1446df44.

The maximum supply of TIGER INU 2022 token is 1,000,000,000 TIGERINU2022 and as per the data provided on Coinmarketcap website their whole supply is currently in circulation. The total market cap of Tiger Inu coin is close to 1 million USD and currently trading in the top gainers list of Coinmarketcap with 200% gain in the last 24 hours. TigerINU2022 token team has also prepared whitepaper including its future roadmap which can be accessed through this link – Tiger INU 2022 Whitepaper.


TIGER INU 2022 Token CompanyTIGER INU 2022
TIGER INU 2022 Coin SymbolTIGERINU2022
TIGER INU 2022 Coin Trading PairTIGERINU2022/WBNB
TIGER INU 2022 Token Buy LinkBuy TIGER INU 2022 Coin On Pancakeswap
Total Supply1,000,000,000 TIGERINU2022
Max Supply1,000,000,000 TIGERINU2022
Circulating Supply1,000,000,000 TIGERINU2022
Buy Back3%
Liquidity Pool2%

Ways To Buy TIGER INU 2022Token:

So after reading about the tokenomics of TIGER INU 2022 token, you must be wandering how to invest in TIGER INU 2022. So for your knowledge, TIGER INU 2022 token can only be swapped on Pancakeswap Finance DEX but you can use website also for purchasing the coins.

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Buy TIGER INU 2022 Coin on Pancakeswap Finance

We have prepared a list of steps which you can use to purchase TIGER INU 2022 tokens:

  • To start the process of buying Tiger Inu coin, you must have desired binance coins in your cryptocurrency wallet as they are necessary for swapping TIGER INU coins.
  • If you are already using centralized exchange like Coinbase, Binance or any other, transfer the BNB tokens from your exchange to your crypto wallet.
  • In the 3rd step open the browser in Metamask wallet which is called as dApps in your trust wallet to open website
  • Copy the BEP20 address of TIGER INU 2022 token and search in the select currency tab to import the TIGER INU coin.
  • Once the process of importing TIGER INU token is completed, enter the amount of BNB which you want to use during the swapping process.
  • The slippage tolerance should be between 10 to 15 percent during the purchase of TIGER INU 2022 coin.
  • In this step connect your crypto wallet with the pancakeswap DEX and click swap to begin swapping of TIGER INU 2022 tokens.
  • During the purchase, pay the transaction fees to complete buying of TIGER INU 2022 coins.
  • Now add the BSC smart contract address of TIGER INU 2022 token to see the number of swapping TIGER INU coins.
  • Note: For Metamask users, kindly use these network setting for swapping Tiger INU 2022 coin.
  • Network: BSC Mainnet
    • ChainID: 56, or 0x38
    • Symbol: BNB
    • Block Explorer URL:
    • RPC URL: or

Price Predictions For TIGER INU 2022 Coin

  1. TIGER INU 2022 Coin Price Prediction For February 2022: $0.0050
  2. Tiger Inu 2022 Token Price Prediction For March 2022: $0.0050$0.0060
  3. Tiger Inu Coin Token Price Forecast For April 2022: $0.00550$0.0080
  4. TIGER INU 2022 Token Price Prediction For May 2022: $0.0068 – $0.0090
  5. Tiger Inu 2022 Token Price Forecast For June 2022: $0.0090 – $0.010
  6. TIGER INU 2022 Token Price Prediction For July 2022: $0.0090 – $0.015
  7. TIGER INU 2022 Coin Price Forecast For August 2022: $0.010 – $0.025
  8. TIGER INU Coin Price Prediction For September 2022: $0.010 – $0.030
  9. Tiger Inu Coin Price Prediction For October 2022: $0.010 – $0.050
  10. Tiger INU 2022 Token Price Forecast For November 2022: $0.015 – $0.045
  11. Tiger INU Coin Price Forecast For December 2022: $0.045 – $0.080

TIGER INU 2022 Coin Price Chart:

TIGER INU 2022 Coin Roadmap

Phase 2Phase 2Phase 3
Telegram Community BuildingTiger INU listing on CMCGiveaways
Tiger INU 2022 Token Social Media Page CreationTiger INU 2022 Listing on Coin Gecko5000+ Tiger INU token holders goal
Launch of WebsiteMarketingPartnerships
Smart Contract Development for TigerInu2022Pre – LaunchNFTs
Tiger INU 2022 Token launch on Pancakeswap FinanceInfluencer MarketingPlay to Earn concept
Dex Tools LaunchAMAs, Sponsorships and Banner AdvertisingLaunch of TIGER INU Swap

TIGER INU Token Social Media Details:

TIGER INU Telegram GroupsTiger INU Official Group
TIGER INU German Group
Tiger INU Turkish Group
Tiger INU Chinese Group
Moon Nation Calls
TIGER INU Twitter Handle@TigerInu2022


What is the fully diluted market cap of TIGER INU 2022 coin?

At present the fully diluted market cap of TIGER INU 2022 token is approximate 1 million USD.

Is there any chance of TIGER INU coin listing on any centralized exchange?

Yes Metaverse and play to earn concepts are currently in huge demand and if TIGER INU delivers what they promised in their roadmap, CEX listing may come soon.

What is the total token supply of TIGER INU 2022 ?

The maximum and total token supply of Tiger INU 2022 token is 1,000,000,000 TIGERINU2022

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DISCLAIMER: The price forecast prepared here about the TIGER INU 2022 token are only for educational purpose. The writer has prepared the TIGERINU2022 coin price forecast based on token performance and users queries about TIGER INU 2022 on search engines. This TIGER INU price predictions cannot be used as financial or legal advice and the users should consult with their financial advisor before thinking to invest in TIGER INU 2022 coin. Our website is not liable for your TIGER INU 2022 token investments and trades. Cryptocurrency is a risky market and it will be your own risk/decision to invest in TIGER INU 2022 token. Note: This TIGER INU 2022 price forecast made on this page can't be used for redistribution, republication and framing on any other website without our permission.


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