How to Buy ShibX Coin on PancakeSwap Using Crypto Wallets

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ShibX is a dual concept based token in which rebase mechanism is integrated to increase the price along with rewards to the ShibX coin holders in the form of SHIB tokens. The ShibX coin is still in the top 10 ranking of the gainers list of CoinMarketCap’s website and soon it will be on the trending section also due to 500% gains in a short span of time. You can visit the official website of ShibX coin at the URL and the smart contract address of ShibX token is 0xaa357b0f167923efc1d6978a868f81866ca6e98c

ShibX Coin Overview

ShibX Token CompanyShibX
ShibX Coin SymbolShibX
ShibX Trading PairShibX/BNB
ShibX Buy LinkBuy ShibX Coin On PancakeSwap
Development Fee2%
SHIB Rewards6%
Marketing Fee5%
LP Reflection2%

Methods To Buy ShibX Rewards & Rebase Token:

The ShibX coin has quickly gained momentum soon after listing on the Coinmarketcap’s website. The ShibX token is not too much old but their reward mechanism is great as they are giving 6% as rewards to all the people who are holding ShibX coins in their wallets in the form of popular meme token SHIBA. If you are aware of using pancakeSwap with trust/metamask wallets then it will less than a minute task for you to purchase this ShibX coin. But if you are new to this field of using Decentralized exchanges then please follow our steps.

Buy ShibX Coin on Pancakeswap

Buying a token on DEX platform like PancakeSwap is very simple but before that you must setup your Trust or Metamask wallet and transfer some BNB (Binance Smart Chain) token to it as it will be required during swapping of ShibX token & to pay transaction fees also.

  • Firstly if you have received BNB coins in your cryptocurrency wallet then it is fine or you can directly buy BNB token using your trust wallet via your debit/credit cards.
  • Then visit the browser section of Metamask which is called as DAPPS in the trust wallet to proceed for the swapping process of BNB to ShibX tokens.
  • Now in the 3rd step just open the url in that browser and select the 2nd tab there to enter the bsc address of ShibX token to import it.
  • Here comes the 4th step in which you will fill the amount in first tab where the currency should be BNB which you are holding in your Metamask/Trust wallet. Then you screen will look like this as the below attached image.
Image showing the screen which appears during the swapping of BNB to ShibX tokens
  • Once everything is correct according to the above steps just click on the connect wallet option and change network to smart chain if it is set to ethereum network.
  • In the final step of buying ShibX coins just click on swap button and approve the transaction of ShibX token purchase by paying the fees in BNB.
  • But remember to increase slippage tolerance before the swapping of ShibX coins as the transaction may fail sometimes due to it.
  • Now some users must be wandering that they have purchased the ShibX tokens but still their wallet is not showing it. To rectify this problem the buyer of ShibX coins must add the smart contract address of ShibX token as shown in the screenshot below in the option of adding custom tokens.

  • After added the ShibX coin in the list of custom token you will be able to see the number of ShibX tokens you purchased within seconds.

Price Prediction of ShibX Token

As ShibX coin works on the mechanism of rebasing so the price will do 100x to 1000X soon but the exact amount of profit the ShibX holders will get depends on the market cap at which they purchased this token.

  1. ShibX Coin Price Prediction for October 2021: $0.00000050
  2. ShibX Coin Price Prediction For November 2021: $0.0000010
  3. ShibX Token Price Prediction For December 2021: $0.000010

ShibX Coin on Google Trends:

ShibX Coin Whitepaper:

Interested in reading the full whitepaper of ShibX token and how its rebasing/reward model works checkout the provided link – ShibX Whitepaper

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ShibX Coin Social Media Details:

ShibX Telegram Group@shib_x
5.3k+ members
ShibX Twitter Handle@ShibXOfficial
3k+ Followers

Frequently Asked Questions About ShibX Coin:

What is the total supply of ShibX Coin?

There is no fixed maximum or circulating supply of ShibX coin as its mechanism is rebasing in which the token supply is elastic.

What is the original BSC smart contract address of ShibX coin?

The real smart contract address ShibX rebase & reward token is 0xaa357b0f167923efc1d6978a868f81866ca6e98c

Why ShibX tokens in my wallets are decreasing with the price increase?

The quantity of ShibX token in your wallet will change time to time as the total supply of ShibX coins is elastic due to which price will be adjusted by changes in token quantity. But ShibX holder should not worry about it as the price of their ShibX tokens will also increase with the increasing market cap.

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