How to buy SHIBORG INU Coin On Pancakeswap DEX using Trust Wallet

Do you want to invest your money in SHIBORG INU coin? Just read our guide to get all details about SHIBORG coin like maximum supply, tokenomics, fully diluted market cap, price chart, audit report, roadmap and contact information. SHIBORG INU token has a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000,000,000 SHIBORG coins according to data provided by Coinmarketcap’s website.

SHIBORG INU token is a decentralized meme coin which will giveaway 2 TESLA cars after reaching 100 million market cap. Also on their official website they have written a note that if ELON MUSK tweets about SHIBORG INU, they will giveaway 10 more Teslas. SHIBORG coin has been named by combining SHIBA (Biological organism) and CYBORG (Machine). According to the tokenomics of SHIBORG coin 2% is redistributed to its holders. As the SHIBORG coin is built on Binance Smart Chain so its BEP20 contract address is 0x389c13d5be24bed2af35c30f211e042225cb06ff.


SHIBORG INU Token Buy LinkBuy SHIBORG INU Coin On Pancakeswap
Total Supply1,000,000,000,000,000 SHIBORG
SHIBORG WhitepaperSHIBORG INU Whitepaper

Methods To Buy SHIBORG INU Token:

SHIBORG INU token is currently on the top trending list of CMC website and is in the watch list of more than 14,000 crypto lovers. At present SHIBORG coin is only available for trading on decentralized exchange which you can use on you cryptocurrency wallets like Metamask or Trust.

Buy SHIBORG INU Coin on Pancakeswap

We have provided few steps which you can follow to purchase SHIBORG INU coin using your Trust wallet.

  • First of all open your centralized exchange like Bitmart, Binance, Hotbit etc. to transfer Binance coins to your Trust/Metamask wallet.
  • If you don’t have any CEX account, simply buy BNB tokens using your credit or debit card on your trust wallet.
  • In the 3rd step you have to import SHIBORG token: Simply open url in the trust or metamask wallet’s browser and search SHIBORG contract address in the currency tab to import it.
  • So you will see a screen like above after importing SHIBORG INU coin where you can enter amount in BNB which you are interested to invest in this token.
  • Simply click on the connect wallet option and swap for SHIBORG coin by paying a small amount in BNB.
  • Now click on add custom token option to add the BEP20 contract of SHIBORG INU in your wallet’s homepage.
  • Some users may be using Metamask for purchasing SHIBORG INU coin for them network settings are provided below.
    • Network: BSC Mainnet
    • ChainID: 56, or 0x38
    • Symbol: BNB
    • Block Explorer URL:
    • RPC URL: or

Price Prediction For SHIBORG INU Token

  1. SHIBORG INU Coin Price Prediction For November 2021: $0.0000001
  2. SHIBORG INU Token Price Prediction For December 2021: $0.0000005

SHIBORG INU Coin Price Chart:

SHIBORG INU Token Roadmap:

  • PHASE 1: Website designing, Token presale, Airdrop, giveaways, marketing, CMC & CG Listing and 5000 holders.
  • PHASE 2: Marketing, Influencer advertising, 10,000 holders.
  • PHASE 3: Big airdrop, Merchandise, 25,000 holders, CEX listings, Special marketing plans
  • PHASE 4: Big marketing plans, MINI Games (play to earn concept), meme NFT platform, tier 1-2 exchange listings, 50,000 holders
  • PHASE 5: Mobile app with Wallet feature, SHIBORG INU SWAP, MEME token exchange

SHIBORG INU Token Social Media Details:

SHIBORG INU Telegram Group@ShiborgInu
20k+ Members
SHIBORG INU Twitter Handle@ShiborgToken
Shiborg INU Discord


Is SHIBORG INU token audited?

Yes SHIBORG INU smart contract has been audited by SOLID PROOF company.

When SHIBORG INU will launch their mini game to earn tokens?

SHIBORG has mentioned mini game release in PHASE 4 of their roadmap.

What is the slippage tolerance for buying SHIBORG INU coin?

The slippage tolerance for purchasing SHIBORG coin is minimum 10%.

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