How to buy Pyroblock – PYR coin using Trust Wallet on Pancakeswap Dex Exchange

Are your looking for search queries like “Pyroblock coin”, “how to buy Pyroblock token”, “where to buy Pyroblock – PYR coin” or “Pyroblock tokenomics” on Google? Gaming token lovers must stop looking further as here we have provided a detailed overview of Pyroblock coin with important details like its market cap, token supply, roadmap, price predictions and whitepaper.

PYROBLOCK is a play to earn game which is based on treasure blocks (egypt gods). The players in Pyroblock P2E game can use the treasure blocks as NFT which increase the ownership points. The NON-FUNGIBLE ERC-721 (NFT) PYROBLOCK – PYR Token is the representation of the block which can be used for earning more rewards. Now lets see what is the use case of PYR token in the whole Pyroblock ecosystem:

  • PYR token can be used for staking and trading also.
  • In the Pyroblock P2E game, the PYR coin can be used for in game rewards and staking it for more profits.
  • If you want to improve your earning in this P2E game just hold more PYR.

Pyroblock – PYR is a BSC smart token which has a total supply of 100,000,000 PYR coins. As PYR token is already launched on the pancakeswap exchange but its liquidity is already locked for a period of 12 months.

PYROBLOCK – PYR Coin Overview

Pyroblock CompanyPYROBLOCK
Pyroblock Token SymbolPYR
Pyroblock Total Supply100,000,000 PYR Coins
Pyroblock Max Supply100,000,000 PYR Coins
Pyroblock Buy LinkBuy Pyroblock Coin on Pancakeswap
Pyroblock Circulating Supply
Market Cap [April 2022]100,000+ USD
PYR Coin ATH$0.0209
PYR Coin ATL$0.000009002
CMC Rank3466
Pyroblock WhitepaperPYR Documentation
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Where to buy Pyroblock Token

Crypto enthusiasts who are frequently investing money into gaming tokens will be happy to hear that, PYR token is available for trading on binance smart chain based decentralized exchange – . If you are aware about trading on centralized exchanges and DEX platforms then you can use quick buy links for PYR token provided below according to your preference.

Well above data is really helpful for crypto lovers who want to invest in Pyroblock ecosystem but if you are new to trading cryptocurrencies on decentralized exchanges then checkout our guide for buying Pyroblock coins on Pancakeswap V2 using your wallets like Trust, Metamask etc.

How to buy Pyroblock – PYR on Pancakeswap Finance using Crypto Wallets

  • For starting purchasing Pyroblock coins on Pancakeswap Finance V2 you will need two things: BNB tokens in your cryptocurrency wallet and BEP20 smart contract address of PYR token.
  • In the beginning buy some BNB tokens using debit or credit cards directly from your trust wallet using the option provided by MoonPay company. If you don’t want to use your credit cards, you can transfer BNB coins from your centralized exchange like Coinbase, Binance, Bitmart, etc to your wallet.
  • Open your crypto wallet to open browser where you can get access to the Pancakeswap decentralized exchange website to swap Pyroblock token.
  • Start by opening website in the browser and import PYR token contract there by using its BSC smart contract address.
  • Connect your crypto wallet and enter the currency in BNB there which will be used during swapping of Pyroblock tokens.
  • In the final stage simple click on swap to complete the buying transaction of Pyroblock coins.
  • Now after completing the swapping of Pyroblock token you will not be able to see the purchased PYR coins in your wallet. To see the purchased Pyroblock coins in your crypto wallets like Trust or Metamask, users have to add PYR in their custom tokens list using the smart contract address of the token.
  • Well Binance Smart Chain network is already present in the trust wallet by default but for the users of MetaMask wallet the BSC network settings should be entered manually as it will be used during swap of Pyroblock tokens.
    • Network Name: Smart Chain, RPC URL:, ChainID: 56, Symbol: BNB, Block Explorer URL:

Video Tutorial On How to buy Pyroblock Coin:

Pyroblock Crypto Price Predictions

Pyroblock coin can be considered as an 100x token in your crypto investment portfolio. The Pyroblock token is currently at a market cap of less than 100k USD and the supply is also limited to 100,000,000 PYR. According to our analysis we have prepared a price forecast for PYROBLOCK token which you can checkout below:

April 2022$0.0008286 – $0.0020
May 2022$0.0020 – $0.0030
June 2022$0.0020 – $0.0050
July 2022$0.0060 – $0.0080
August 2022$0.0080 – $0.010
September 2022$0.010 – $0.020
October 2022$0.010 – $0.040
November 2022$0.030 – $0.050
December 2022$0.090 – $0.10
Diclaimer: The price predictions for Pyroblock token presented here are for educational use only. We have created this Pyroblock coin price forecast by considering the history of Pyroblock and how much activity is happening inside the Pyroblock Verse. Readers can't use these Pyroblock token price predictions as legal/financial advice as we are just providing our opinions. If you are interested in investing into Pyroblock crypto, then just consult with your financial advisor. is not liable for your investments in PYROBLOCK company and its PYR token. Trading and investing into cryptocurrencies is very risk as this market is volatile. Kindly note that these Pyroblock price predictions prepared here are not for republication and redistribution on any platform without our permission, otherwise legal action will be taken.

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