How to Buy Lovely INU Coin on Pancakeswap and Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Are you searching for “lovely INU coin”, “where to buy lovely INU coin”, “price of lovely INU” or “lovely INU price prediction” online on search engines. Don’t get confused as all methods to buy lovely INU coin are covered by our team below.

Lovely INU also known as Lovely Finance is a decentralized meme cryptocurrency which is founded with a mission to make it price cross 1 dollar mark. The official website of Lovely INU coin is and the contract address of Lovely INU coin is 0x9E24415d1e549EBc626a13a482Bb117a2B43e9CF.

Lovely INU Token CompanyLovely Finance
Lovely INU
Lovely INU Support
Lovely INU Smart Contract Address0x9E24415d1e549EBc626a13a482Bb117a2B43e9CF
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Methods To Buy Lovely INU Coin:

So lets come to the point on how you can purchase Lovely INU meme coin on centralized and decentralized exchanges. There are two methods of purchasing Lovely INU coin currently which are buying it on some exchange or through your crypto wallet using Pancakeswap. Checkout below for ways to buy Lovely INU meme token:

  • Buy Lovely INU Coin on Bitmart Exchange: The lovely INU coin is available on BITMART crypto exchange. The liquidity of Lovely finance token is good here and you can trade this in USDT (tether) pair here.
  • Buy Lovely INU Token on LAKOTEN Exchange: Lovely INU meme token can also be purchased from lakoten crypto exchange where you buy this using tether (USDT).
  • Purchase Lovely INU Meme Cryptocurrency On HOTBIT: The 3rd option to buy Lovely meme coin is the HOTBIT exchange where it can be purchased within seconds.
  • Other two popular crypto exchanges where you can visit to buy Lovely INU meme tokens are and BKEX, but keep in mind the liquidity here is less than other exchanges.

Buy Lovely INU Token/Coin on PancakeSwap

Some people don’t like to trade on centralized exchanges due to privacy concerns or KYC issues. So for these people, PancakeSwap is the best option left for purchasing the Lovely INO coin. For a newcomer to crypto it is a little complex process to buy this meme coin but by following our steps you can easily buy Lovely INU token and store it in your own crypto wallet.

Lovely INU Coin on Pancake Swap
  • First of all you will need a wallet, you can choose trust wallet or metamask whichever you prefer. But we suggest you to use trust wallet to buy and hold you lovely INU tokens.
  • Transfer some amount of BNB from any exchange where you have account like Binance, Wazirx, Zebpay or any other to you trust wallet BNB address. Like example you can start with just 50 dollars.
  • After receiving BNB in your trust wallet go to the DEX option and convert approx 95 percent of you BNB to binance smart chain BNB as it will required during purchase of Lovely inu token.
  • It will take a minute or two to swap BNB to binance smart chain BNB. After that click on DApps option on trust wallet and visit pancakeswap website there.
  • On the pancakeswap’s website connect your trust wallet using the option present in top right corner.
  • In the 5th step, click on select currency and past the Lovely INU token smart contract address which is 0x9E24415d1e549EBc626a13a482Bb117a2B43e9CF. Then it will show Lovely Inu there, add it and select the amount of BNB you want to invest from the 1st option.
  • Now click on the settings icon there and select the slippage tolerance. The slippage tolerance can be set to 0.5 to any number, you have to increase slippage tolerance if the transaction fails or some error occurs.
  • Then after filling the amount of BNB the 2nd box will show the amount of Lovely INU tokens which you will get after the swap. Then click on Swap, a page will open to ask for your approval and you have to approve the transaction.
  • Your purchase order of Lovely INU coin will be executed within seconds.
  • After the swap initially your lovely INU token will not be shown on the homepage of your trust wallet. For that you have click on top right corner option which is just after the menu option collectibles. There paste the contract address of Lovely INU coin, add it and come back to your trust wallet homepage. Refresh the page once and you will be able to see your purchased lovely INU tokens.

Price Prediction of Lovely INU Token

Although the Lovely INU community is predicting a price of 1 dollar at the end of 2021 year but this is not a realistic price approach. So below we have shared some price predictions for Lovely INU coin:

  1. Lovely INU Coin Price Prediction for August 2021: 0.00000187275
  2. Lovely INU Coin Price Prediction For September 2021: 0.0000187275
  3. Lovely INU Token Price Prediction For October 2021: 0.000187275
  4. Lovely INU Token Price Prediction For November 2021: 0.00187275
  5. Lovely INU Crypto Price Prediction For December 2021: 0.0187275

So we can’t see the possibility of Lovely INU going to 1 dollar but if the community hold the coin for longer term and a good marketing is done across all social media channel, then it may be possible to reach a value of Approximate 1 cent at the end of this year. But this all depends on the promotional activities performed by Lovely Finance team and how much lovely token will be burn on different phases.

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Lovely INU Coin on Google Trends:

Lovely INU Token Search Trends

Lovely INU Coin Audit:

The Lovely INU smart contract token is fully audited by eNebula solutions pvt ltd on 17th june 2021.

Lovely INU Coin Social Media Details:

Lovely INU Telegram Grouplovelyinu_coin
60,000+ members
Lovely INU Twitter HandleLovely_finance
56000+ Followers
Lovely INU Instagram Pagelovely_inu
38000+ Followers
Lovely INU Youtube Channel

Frequently Asked Questions About Lovely INU Coin:

What is the total supply of Lovely INU Coin?

The current supply of Lovely INU token is 90,000,000,000,000 but in their roadmap it is clearly mentioned that coins will be burned.

What is the roadmap of Lovely INU token?

Currently Lovely Finance token has been listed on various exchanges but soon they are trying to be listed on binance. Also soon Lovely INU coin will be listed on coingecko and coinmarketcap which will boost the price of this community driven token.

What is the smart contract address of Lovely INU coin?

The original smart contract address Lovely INU meme token is 0x9E24415d1e549EBc626a13a482Bb117a2B43e9CF

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