How to Buy Lightning Protocol ($LIGHT) Using Pancakeswap and Metamask Wallet

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LIGHTNING is a blockchain company which is providing launchpad for the upcoming projects and it is also working as a multi chain incubator. LIGHT coin was founded in the first quarter of 2021 and has strong strategic partners like CERTIK, UNIROCKET, BSC News and HACKEN. The official website of LIGHT coin is and the bsc contract address of LIGHTINING coin is 0x037838b556d9c9d654148a284682C55bB5f56eF4


LIGHTINING Buy LinkBuy LIGHT COIN on Pancakeswap
Fully Diluted Market Cap$87,573,957.41
Current Market Cap$56,283,512.70
Total Supply100,000,000 LIGHT
Maximum Supply100,000,000 LIGHT
Circulating Supply64,269,692 LIGHT


LIGHTNING Protocol is the best incubator and IDO launch platform for investing in short term as well as long term. This IDO platform supports projects which are built up on cross chains like ethereum, avax, binance, polygon and cardano. At present you can only buy LIGHT coin using the pancakeswap finance website on your cryptocurrency wallets like metamask and trust. So go through the below steps to complete the swapping of LIGHT coin. We have explained the process of purchasing LIGHT coin in the trust wallet but you can follow same steps in the metamask wallet also as there you will find the browser option in the menu bar and rest of the process is almost same.

Buy LIGHT Coin on Pancakeswap

  • Step 1: If you have your trading account on the popular CEX like binance, coinbase, bitmart, hotbit etc you have to buy some BNB there and if you don’t have we suggest you to create a account on any of the cryptocurrency platform which support Binance token.
  • Step 2: Now configure you trust or metamask wallet and send binance smart chain tokens from your exchange to the wallets, it will take a minute or two for complete transaction.
  • Step3: Now you have to proceed for the process of purchasing LIGHT coin by opening the website in the inbuilt browser tab of your crypto wallet.
  • Step4: In this step you have to import the LIGHTNING token to the pancakeswap website for this you have to enter the contract of LIGHT coin in the enter currency tab present on the site. After importing of LIGHT token you will see the screen like the below screenshot.
  • Step 5: Now here comes the most important part of purchasing LIGHT token, just connect your wallet by simply clicking on the connect wallet blue button on the page and the network choosen should be SMART CHAIN.
  • Step 6: Now comes the final part of swapping LIGHT coins by entering the amount of BNB in the first tab and you will see the number of LIGHTNING token you will get in that amount, simply after that click on the swap button.
  • Make sure the slippage during the purchase of LIGHT coins should be between 10 to 15% for no issues during the swapping process.
  • Now just enter the smart contract address of LIGHTNING coins in your Trust/Metamask wallet to see the purchased token.

Price Prediction of LIGHT Token

At present the LIGHTNING coin is standing close at 50 million market cap so crossing a 100 million market cap is possible in the coming month. So by the end of 2021 if there are more IDO’s happening on the LIGHTNING Finance platform, we will see a price surge and upto 5x returns seems to be possible.

  1. LIGHT Coin Price Prediction for October 2021: $1 -$2
  2. LIGHT Coin Price Prediction For November 2021: $1 – $3
  3. LIGHT Token Price Prediction For December 2021: $2 -$5

LIGHTNING Coin Price Chart:

LIGHTNING IDO Participation Structure

Required LIGHT Coins
5000 – 10000
Required LIGHT Coins
10001 – 35000
Required LIGHT Coins
35001 – 100000
Required LIGHT Coins
Max Contribution
$ 250
Max Contribution
$ 500
Max Contribution
$ 1000
Max Contribution
$ 2500
Reserved Pool Weight
Reserved Pool Weight
Reserved Pool Weight
Reserved Pool Weight

LIGHT Coin Social Media Details:

LIGHTNING Protocol Telegram Group@lightningprotocol
9.7k members
LIGHT Twitter Handle@LightningDeFi

Frequently Asked Questions About LIGHT Coin (LIGHTNING FINANCE):

What is the total supply and circulating supply of LIGHT Coin?

The current total supply of LIGHT coin 100,000,000 LIGHT and the circulating supply is 64,269,692 LIGHT.

What is the smart contract address of Lightning protocol?

The real smart contract address of LIGHT coin is 0x037838b556d9c9d654148a284682C55bB5f56eF4

Is LIGHTNING protocol has been audited?

Yes the lightning protocol finance has been audited by CERTIK company.

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