How to buy Ditto INU coin using Pancakeswap on Trust Wallet

Do you want to buy Ditto INU coin but don’t know how and where to purchase it? Checkout our article for full information about Ditto INU coin like its total token supply, roadmap, market cap, Ditto INU price forecast and current price chart.

Ditto INU is a community based token which is built up on binance smart chain network. The tokenomics of Dittu INU coin are set for the benefit of the whole community. They are also coming with a minting NFT feature soon in which hand drawn Pokemon NFTs can be minted according to their future roadmap. The total supply of Ditto INU token is limited to 100,000,000 DITTOINU which is one of its best feature. The official website of Ditto INU is and the BEP20 contract address of DittoINU is 0x02e81cc68c8528b380dc722b98c02ee642d6ab5b. Ditto INU is recently audited by Tech Audit company and the report is available in their official telegram group.


Ditto INU Token CompanyDITTO INU Finance
Ditto INU Coin SymbolDittoINU
Ditto INU Coin Trading PairDittoINU/BNB
Ditto INU Token Buy LinkBuy Ditto INU Coin On Pancakeswap
Project Development3%
Total Supply100,000,000 DITTOINU
Circulating Supply100,000,000 DITTOINU

Methods To Buy Ditto INU Token:

Ditto INU can be the next 100x meme token as they have included the concept of NFT minting which is top search in google trends. But this Ditto INU token is listed on CoinMarketCap’s website a few days ago and it is listed for trading only on decentralized exchange –

Buy Ditto INU Coin on Pancakeswap

Want a hassle free purchase of Ditto INU coin, follow the steps provided here:

  • For starting the purchase of Ditto INU token, you have to load up your trust wallet with BNB coins as they will be required during the swapping process.
  • You can use any CEX platform to transfer BNB or you can directly purchase BNB tokens inside trust wallet using your debit or credit card.
  • After receiving BNB coins you have to open browser of your trust wallet and open website to import the contract of Ditto INU token.
  • Now fill the amount of BNB in the 1st tab to see the amount of Ditto INU coins you will get after purchase as in the below attached image.
  • Now you have completed all the initial steps for purchasing Ditto INU token, now just click to connect wallet and swap to complete the transaction.
  • Finally add Ditto INU coin in your trust wallet by adding it in custom token list using its BEP20 address.
  • Some users might be using Metamask wallet for buying Ditto INU coin, they must use these settings in their network.
    • Network: BSC Mainnet
    • ChainID: 56, or 0x38
    • Symbol: BNB
    • Block Explorer URL:
    • RPC URL: or

Price Prediction of Ditto INU Token

  1. Ditto INU Coin Price Prediction For November 2021: $0.01
  2. Ditto INU Token Price Prediction For December 2021: $0.1
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Ditto Coin Price Chart:

DITTO INU Token Roadmap:

  • PHASE 1: Token launch, marketing, CG and CMC listing
  • PHASE 2: Advanced marketing, hand drawn pokemon NFT minting, community giveaway
  • PHASE 3: Partnerships, NFT staking, CEX listing
  • PHASE 4: Ditto-Swap, Ditto-Tools

Ditto INU Token Social Media Details:

Ditto INU Telegram Group@dittobsc
600+ Members
Ditto INU Twitter Handle@dittotoken
50+ Followers
Ditto INU Coin


What is the total and circulating supply of Ditto INU Coin?

The total supply of Ditto coin is 100,000,000 DITTOINU and circulating supply is 100,000,000 DITTOINU.

What is the BSC contract address of Ditto INU coin?

The BEP20 contract address DittoINUtoken is 0x02e81cc68c8528b380dc722b98c02ee642d6ab5b

When Ditto INU finance will launch their Pokemon NFT minting?

Any exact date is not mentioned for the launch of Pokemon NFT minting but make sure you follow Ditto INU telegram group and twitter profile for future updates.

Is liquidity locked for Ditto INU token?

Yes Ditto INU finance company has locked liquidity which you can verify on DxSale website.

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