GE Appliance Repair Moreno Valley CA

If you are a Homeowner in Sunnymead Ranch, Hidden Springs, Rancho Belago, Shadow Mountain or Moreno Valley Ranch neighborhood and need expert technician to repair your malfunctioning GE Appliance, Then find contact details for certified GE Appliance repairmen near you. The local authorized GE appliance servicer provides home visit repair at a time of your convenience, so schedule a repair appointment right now.

GE Appliance Repair Moreno Valley, CA

  • GE Appliance Authorized Servicer Number in Moreno Valley, CA: 909-453-2731
  • Repair Service in Moreno Valley, CA: available for all GE Appliances like Dryer, Washing Machine, Refrigerator, Oven/Range, Dishwasher and Freezer, for all GE Appliances house of brands: GE, Profile, Café, Monogram, Hotpoint, Haier, and Adora

Authorized GE Appliance Repair Parts Distributor near Moreno Valley, CA

There are 2 authorized repair parts distributors for GE appliances within 20 Miles of Moreno Valley in California. Customers performing a DIY repair or old GE Appliance part replacement, generally need a reliable source of genuine GE parts. These two facilities are known for housing a large inventory of original GE parts and also for their customer-friendly approach and reasonable pricing.

Coast Appliance Parts
948 – Colton Avenue
Colton, CA 92324
(909) 825-489011 Mile
Coast Appliance Parts
10680 Mulberry Ave
Fontana, CA 92337
(909) 428-625120 Mile

GE Appliance Retailers in Moreno Valley, California

Look into your GE Appliance’s owner manual to know the “Return Window” for your product. And if its a small GE Appliance within that period, you can walk-in directly to your local GE retailer in Moreno Valley and have it returned/exchanged, no question asked. However, a Large GE Appliance (like washing machine etc.) within the return window needs to returned via a GE authorized delivery agent by calling toll free number 1-800-430-1757.

  • The Home Depot, 12255 Pigeon Pass Rd, Moreno Valley, CA 92557 (Contact: 951-242-7055)
  • Lowe’s, 12400 Day St, Moreno Valley, CA 92553 (Contact: 951-656-1859)
  • The Home Depot, 15975 Perris Blvd, Moreno Valley, CA 92551 (Contact: 951-485-5400)
  • Best Buy, 27220 Eucalyptus, Moreno Valley, CA 92555 (Contact: 951-571-2474)

Advantages of Authorized GE Repair in Moreno Valley, CA

  • GE Appliances Factory Trained Certified Technicians
  • Online Appliance Repair scheduling with flexible appointment times
  • Only genuine GE Appliances parts are used in Repair & Replacement
  • 30-day limited labor warranty on Authorized Repair
  • 5-year limited part warranty
  • Up-to $100 Rebate offer for new appliance if you decide not to repair


Q: Does the GE Certified Technician in Moreno Valley, CA Service All GE Appliances?

Yes, you can contact the Local GE Certified technician in Moreno Valley, CA to service all makes and models of GE House of Brands like GE, Café, GE Profile Series, Monogram, Hotpoint, Haier and Adora. These GE Authorized Technicians are Factory Trained, follow proper GE repair procedures and know all GE appliances inside and out, and therefore must be booked for:

  • Authorized GE Appliance Warranty Repair in Moreno Valley, CA
  • Authorized Café Appliance Warranty Repair in Moreno Valley, CA
  • Authorized Profile Appliance Warranty Repair in Moreno Valley, CA
  • Authorized Monogram Appliance Warranty Repair in Moreno Valley, CA
  • Authorized Hotpoint Appliance Warranty Repair in Moreno Valley, CA
  • Authorized Haier Appliance Warranty repair in Moreno Valley, CA
  • Authorized Adora Appliance Warranty Repair in Moreno Valley, CA

Q: Where can I Repair out-of-warranty GE appliances in Moreno Valley, CA?

Looking for a GE Appliance repair shop in Moreno Valley, CA for Out of Warranty repairs? Then look no further, as you don’t have to visit any service center. These local certified technicians will not only cover your in-warranty GE Appliance repairs but also perform out-of-warranty GE appliances repair and replacement services in Moreno Valley, CA.

(NOTE: Some appliances have return-to-vendor warranties and cannot be serviced)

Q: What Common Issues are handled by Authorized GE Repair Technicians in Moreno Valley, CA?

GE Refrigerator repair in Moreno Valley, CA is available for Following Issues:

Contact the Local GE Refrigerator Repair Phone Number in Moreno Valley, CA: 909-453-2731 for Diagnose and repair of power supply problems, Missing Refrigerator Parts, Dents in Outer Case, Refrigerator does not work at all, Refrigerator Door & Handle Issues, Icemaker/Dispenser Issues, Leaking/Sweating/Condensation & Frost Problems, Noisy Operation, Refrigerator Odor Issues, Outer case too hot to touch and Fridge recalls etc.

GE Dishwasher Repair in Moreno Valley, CA is Available for Following Issues:

Customer can also contact the Local GE Dishwasher Repair Number in Moreno Valley, CA: 909-453-2731 for Replacement of damaged bearings, Dishwasher Door Latch Issues, Dishwasher Drain and Drying Issues, Leaking and Flooding Problem, Lights on control panel not working, wash performance trouble including frequent filmy or Dirty dishes, Timer will not advance, Odor Issues, Sudsing/Foaming trouble and Dishwasher recalls etc.

GE Washing Machine & Dryer Repair in Moreno Valley, CA is Available for Following Issues:

Authorized GE Service Technicians for GE Laundry Products repair, are available in Moreno Valley, CA at GE customer service phone number: 909-453-2731. Any trouble with your in-warranty or out-of-warranty GE Laundry products are honestly handled, which includes (But not limited to):

Replacement of washing machine belts, Noise issue while agitating or spinning, Washing Machine not filling/not spinning/not draining Issues, Broken Knob or Button, No power or Will not start problem in GE Washing Machines or Dryers, frequent stops and pauses in Dryer, Tumbles but does not heat, Damaged clothes due to frequent Tangling, Takes too long to dry, Suds/water on floor, gas smell or very bad odor and Damaged, Missing or Replaced parts etc.

GE Microwave Ovens Repair in Moreno Valley, CA is Available for Following Issues:

The customer care number for in-warranty and Out-of-warranty GE Kitchen Appliance repair in Moreno Valley, CA is same as for other products, which is 909-453-2731. So, if you are considering a quality repair for GE Kitchen Appliances, schedule an authorized technician visit.

All minor and Major repair issues are expertly resolved with-in the same day, including Issues like: Cracked Burner Bowl replacement Part, Noisy GE Cooktop or Oven repair, GE Cooktop too hot to touch, Door, window or Storage drawer issues, F7X Fault code, F96 & F97Fault Code, Broken Exterior Surface, GE Oven pre-heating Issues, GE Oven not working properly (including Frequent Wrong temperature issues), Oven not turning off or not staying warm and GE Microwave Oven genuine Light part replacement etc.

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