Garena Free Fire New Character With Best Ability

Garena Free Fire is the most accessible and cherished mobile game in India, especially due to its ever increasing portfolio of new Characters. The Battle Royale literally took the whole world by surprise when it was awarded the “ESports Mobile Game of the Year 2020”, within just 2.5 year of its release in late 2017. But its comes as no surprise to player community as they were hooked by unique features of a 10 minute Battle Royale with best character abilities.

But nobody at that time could’ve imagined the list of amazing Character Skills, Garena had in pipeline for its Players. It made sure that every Player got to enjoy the game equally and can choose a Free Fire character, best suited for his/her playing style. From Popular Female characters like “Kelly”, “Moco” & “Laura” to Free Fire Collaboration with real life characters like Greek/Belgian DJ Duo Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike as “Dimitri & Thiva”, Brazilian musician “DJ Alok” as himself, Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo as “Chrono” & Bollywood actor Hritik Roshan as “Jai”.

Currently as of August 2021, Garena Free Fire has 40 Unique characters with both “ACTIVE” & “PASSIVE” skills, which Player can load in their 4 available Character Slots. And that’s the tricky part, with plethora of Character options and rule to Equip only 1 Active Skill + 3 Passive Skill Character, Player gets confused. Therefore it is important to have the knowledge of each Free Fire Character abilities, their best Combination and use in different playing style scenarios.

So, let us present to you all the Free Fire Character list, their abilities and best Character combinations in 2021. We’ll be also covering the Free Fire Character usefulness in Different Battle Royale Gaming Style like “Rusher” & “Camper”, different Free Fire Game Modes like “Solo”, “Duo” and “Squad” as well as Free Fire Character combinations by Esports Champions of this year from India and around the globe.


Free Fire newest character Dimitri & Thiva, which are released after the OB29 update on 4 August 2021 are based on real life Greek/Belgian DJ duo brothers Dimitri Thivaios and Michael Thivaios aka Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike. They are currently No.2 DJs of the world, and have collaborated with Garena Free Fire to compose an exclusive Rampage: New Dawn campaign theme song which was released in the game between 18 June and 1 July. Dimitri character has an Active Skill while Thiva character has Passive skill and has Catch Phrase “rock to my rhythm” and “music is the soul of the heart“.

Free Fire Dimitri & Thiva Character Profile:

Free fire character Dimitri & Thiva based on real life DJ Duo Dimitri Thivaios and Michael Thivaios

Age: 26 (Dimitri), 25 (Thiva)

Birthday: 16 May (D), 2 Dec (T)

Occupation: Sound Tech Engineer (D), Singer (T)

Hobby: Action Movies (D), Sky Diving (T)

Skill Logo: Healing Heartbeat (D), Vital Vibes (T)

Free Fire Character Dimitri & Thiva Abilities:

Dimitri Initial Survival Ability: Creates a 3.5 m diameter healing Zone. Inside, Player and allies recover 3 HP/second. When downed, Player and allies can self-recover to get up. Lasts for 10 seconds. Cool Down period is initially 85 seconds but decreases as player level up the character to level 6.

Ability/Unlock atLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Level 6
Duraction (sec)101112131415
CoolDown (sec)858075706560

Thiva Initial Survival Ability: When your teammate is down, Rescue (help-up) speed increases by 5%. Upon successful rescue, user recovers 15 HP in 5 seconds, Agility and HP recovered as Players level up this free fire character to its max.

Ability/Unlock atLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Level 6
Agility (%)5811141720


D-Bee with his funky Street wear is a Dancing Content Creator with an extrovert personality and you can hear his motto in his commands “Follow my moves and get your body moving“. This Free Fire Character’s Skill are “Passive” and his special street beat outfit bundle needs to obtained separately (Currently with Just 500 Diamond Top-Up)

Free Fire D-Bee Character Profile:

Age: 19

Birthday: 23 September

Occupation: Street Dancer

Hobby: Music Concerts

Relationship: Private

Logo: Bullet Beats

Free Fire Character D-Bee Abilities:

Initial Survival Ability: When firing while moving, Character movement speed increases by 5% and accuracy increases by 10%. The ability further increases with upgrading the Character Level.

Ability/Unlock atLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Level 6
Agility (%)579111315

Free Fire D-Bee Best Character Combinations:

This Free Fire Character is best suited for Short-Range Fights, especially with SMG and Shotguns. Hence to increase further damage upon enemy players, you can equip skills of similar characters which are preferred in close-range.

  • Character Combo 1: D-Bee + Jai + Jota + A124 (active skill)
  • Character Combo 2: D-bee + Jai + Jota + Wukong (active skill)
  • Character Combo 3: D-bee + Jai + Dasha + Chrono (active skill)
  • Character Combo 4: D-bee + Jota + Caroline + Wukong (active skill)


Maro is a Free Fire Character who is free-spirited and a nature lover. His charismatic personality is only beaten by his stylish Falcon Fervor attire and Tattoos on his body. His Character abilities resonates similarity with a real life Falcon and his Motto confirms the same – “Eyes of the Eagle, I am a bird of Prey and Sharp claws cut deeply“. This Free Fire Character’s Skill are “Passive” and the special outfit needs to obtained separately by buying the “Maro’s Falconer Bundle” in 899 diamonds.

Free Fire Maro Character Profile:

Age: 32

Birthday: 23 May

Occupation: Falconer

Hobby: Bow Hunting

Relationship: Private

Logo: Falcon Fervor

Free Fire Character Maro Abilities:

Initial Survival Ability: Damage increases with distance, up to 5%. Damage to marked enemies increases by 1%. The ability further increases with upgrading the Character Level.

Ability/Unlock atLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Level 6
Damage (%)5710141925
Damage Marked (%)11.522.533.5

Free Fire Maro Best Character Combination:

This Free Fire Character is best suited for Long Range Fragger and Sniper Pro Players, as it greatly helps them in eliminating the enemy even from a long distance on any Game Map, be it “Bermuda”, “Purgatory” or “Kalahari”. Hence to further cascade the damage upon enemy players, equip other in-game characters which also helps in battle from afar.

  • Character Combo 1: Maro + Laura+ Wolfrahh + Chrono (active skill)
  • Character Combo 2: Maro + Laura + Hayato + Chrono (active skill)
  • Character Combo 3: Maro + Laura + Rafael + Alok (active skill)
  • Character Combo 4: Maro + Laura + Rafael + K (active Skill)


Garena Free Fire collaborated with world-renowned footballer Cristiano Ronaldo aka CR7 to introduce this Over Powered character in the Game. Since it release, the character became the favorite of this game community and an game changer in its ESports events. Though this real life based character has the same birthday as CR7 himself: 5 February 1985 but the backstory given to it is from a parallel universe, where there is a higher science and technological level. This Free Fire Character’s Skill are “Active” with lowest Cool Down period of 170 seconds and his motto can be heard as “To beat the best, you need the best and You & me, we’re a team“. Its special outfit needs to obtained separately by buying the “Chrono’s bounty hunter bundle” in 1199 diamonds.

Free Fire Chrono Character Profile

Age: 35

Birthday: 5 February

Occupation: Bounty Hunter

Hobby: Soccer

Relationship: Private

Logo: Time Turner

Free Fire Character Chrono Abilities:

Initial Survival Ability: Creates a force field that blocks 600 damages from enemies. One can fire at outside foes from within the force field. Movement speed increases by 5%. All effect last for 3 seconds. Once utilized there will be a Cool down (CD) period of 200 seconds and only after that you’ll be able to use this character’s ability again. The ability further increases and CD decreases with upgrading the Character Level

Ability/Unlock atLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Level 6
Agility (%)579111315
Last For (s)345678
CD (s)200192185179174170

Free Fire Chrono Best Character Combinations:

Garena has downplayed this character’s ability from its initial release version, after listening to its Game Community, who complained about “unfair advantage” and disturbance in Game balance. But still the character is considered one of the most OP character in the game with a huge tactical advantage in the game. This character is suitable for both Rush game players as well as players who depend on agility to confuse their opponents.

  • Character Combo 1: Chrono (active skill) + Jota + Hayato + Shirou
  • Character Combo 2: Chrono (active skill) + Jai + Jota + Alvaro
  • Character Combo 3: Chrono (active skill) + Jota + Hayato + Andrew
  • Character Combo 4: Chrono (active skill) + Joseph + Kelly + Caroline


This Female Free fire character was based on extreme sport enthusiast who loves skateboarding and in a constant search for the next adrenaline rush. Her character motto can be heard in her commands as “I’m all adrenaline, Catch me if you can, Spread your wings & fly and Falling is freedom“. This Free Fire Character’s Skill are “Active” with the lowest Cool Down period of 100 seconds. Her special outfit needs to obtained separately by buying the “Xayne’s extreme Bundle” for 899 diamonds.

Free Fire Xayne Character Profile:

Garena Free Fire Character Xayne

Age: 23

Birthday: 21 April

Occupation: Extreme Athlete

Hobby: Traveling

Relationship: Private

Logo: Extreme Encounter

Free Fire Character Xayne Abilities:

Initial Survival ability: Gets 80 HP temporarily (decays over time), 40% increased damage to Gloo Walls and shields. Lasts for 10s. Once utilized This character abilities needs a Cool down period of 150 seconds. This active skill further increases and CD decreases with upgrading the Character Level

Ability/Unlock atLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Level 6
Damage (%)4050617386100
CD (s)150140130120110100

Free Fire Xayne Best Character Combinations:

Her abilities are best suited during 1v1 or 1vSquad combat scenarios and adding some other Passive characters in the skill slot which are useful during the heat of battle, utilizes her full potential. The character is suited for attacking player for both Long range & Short range battles.

  • Character Combo 1: Xayne (active skill) + Maro + Laura + Miguel
  • Character Combo 2: Xanye (active skill) + Shirou + Jai + Jota
  • Character Combo 3: Xanye (active skill) + Jai +Jota + Caroline
  • Character Combo 4: Xanye (active skill) + Maro + Laura + Rafael


Free Fire character Skyler is inspired by real life Vietnamese singer-songwriter and actor “Nguyễn Thanh Tùng” aka “Sơn Tùng M-TP”. The game character’s birthday is same as the singer himself: 5 July 1994. The singer has 6.2 Million followers on his Official IG (@sontungmtp) and the “Free Fire x Sơn Tùng M-TP | ‘Skyler’ Theme Song | Official” song has garnered over 21 Million views since its release on Jan 28, 2021. Its Character Skills are “Active” and the special outfit needs to be purchased separately by spending 899 in-game diamonds on “Skyler’s superstar bundle“.

Free Fire Skyler Character Profile:

Garena Free Fire Character Skyler based on real life vietnamese singer Sơn Tùng M-TP

Age: 26

Birthday: 5 July

Occupation: Entertainment CEO

Hobby: Singing

Relationship: Private

Logo: Riptide Rhythm

Free Fire Character Skyler Abilities:

Initial Survival ability: Unleash a sonic wave forward that damages 5 Gloo Walls within 50 m. Also, each Gloo Wall deployed will result in increasing HP recovery, beginning from 4 points. Recovery effects do not stack. Once used in the game, Skyler needs a Cool down period of 60 seconds. This active skill further increases and CD decreases with upgrading the Character Level.

Ability/Unlock atLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Level 6
Range (m)5058677788100
CD (s)605855514640

Free Fire Skyler best Character combinations:

Skyler has been a new fan favorite character in Garena Free Fire, especially considering its tactical advantage in the last circle to claim the “Booyah”. The character also balances the game in Ranked matches, where many camping style gamer used to equip “Mr. Waggor” pet and hide throughout the game, only to reveal a ton of Gloo wall in the last circle.

  • Character Combo 1: Skyler (active skill) + Kapella + Alvaro + Moco
  • Character Combo 2: Skyler (active skill) + Jota + Jai + Dasha
  • Character Combo 3: Skyler (active skill) + Kapella + Maxim + Ford
  • Character Combo 4: Skyler (active skill) + Joseph + Kelly + D-Bee


One of the strikingly beautiful character developed the Garena Free fire Dev Team, is “Dasha”, inspired by a rebellious Foster child, undergone a series of unfortunate events in her life. Her in-game motto are “Work hard Play hard, Once i start You can’t stop me & Let’s this party get started“. This female character skills are “Passive” in the game and her “Party Girl bundle” costs 899 in-game diamonds.

Free Fire Dasha Character Profile:

Garena Free Fire Character Dasha

Age: 25

Birthday: 8 December

Occupation: Partier

Hobby: Pranks

Relationship: Private

Logo: Partying On

Free Fire Character Dasha Abilities:

Initial Survival ability: Reduce damage taken from falls by 30% and reduce recovery time from falls by 60%. Reduce rate of recoil buildup by 6% and maximum recoil by 6%. Equipping this character further reduces all these in-game factors further more, as the character upgrades to higher levels.

Ability/Unlock atLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Level 6
Damage ↓ (%)303235394450
Rec. Time ↓ (%)606265697480
Accuracy ↑66.477.88.810
Max Recoil ↓66.477.88.810

Free Fire Dasha best Character Combinations:

Dasha is a very useful Character to equip and many Esport players load her passive skill in 1 slot during major championship, especially in Kalahari and Purgatory Game Maps, where a lot of teams go for higher grounds for tactical advantage. Whereas Campers & Snipers can certainly enjoy the reduced fall damage, Attacking rush players can equip Dasha character for that additional accuracy in both short and long range battles.

  • Character Combo 1: Dasha + Jai + Jota + Chrono (active skill)
  • Character Combo 2: Dasha + Laura + Rafael + Clu (active skill)
  • Character Combo 3: Dasha + Jai + Jota + Skyler (active skill)
  • Character Combo 4: Dasha + Jota + Wolfrahh + Wukong (active skill)


Based on an app-delivery boy, Shirou – The Cobra character has been made to appeal the ff tough youngsters, especially in the Asia-pacific region. His character back story includes using his free time to train at the Wukong Fight Academy and injuries are part and parcel of his daily life. Character Motto: “Bruises and cuts is what help you improve“, “Competition??, I am the competition” and “I am the Hurricane & I deliver to Danger“. Shirou’s Character Skills are “Passive” in nature with an initial cool down period of 35 sec. You can buy his special outfit purchasing the “Hurricane delivery bundle” in 899 in-game diamonds.

Free Fire Shirou Character Profile:

Garena Free Fire Character Shirou

Age: 19

Birthday: 20 November

Occupation: Delivery Guy

Hobby: Bike Racing

Relationship: Private

Logo: Damage Delivered

Free Fire Character Shirou Abilities:

Initial Survival ability: When user is hit by enemy from within 80m, the said attacker is marked for 6 seconds (only visible to user). First shot on marked enemies has 50% additional armor penetration. Cool Down period is 35 seconds initially. Character abilities increases and Cool down period further decreases with leveling-up the character using memory fragments.

Ability/Unlock atLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Level 6
Armor Pen. (%)5058677788100
CD (s)353432292520

Free Fire Shirou best Character Combinations:

Shirou – The Cobra, is a best passive character to equip in Free Fire battle royale, especially to counter the sneaky Rank-pushers hiding and waiting for their prey. Equip the other skill slot of this character with more short range useful characters and you’ll wipe out the enemy squad all by yourself.

  • Character Combo 1: Shirou + Jota + Jai + Wukong (active skill)
  • Character Combo 2: Shirou + Jota + Jai + Chrono (active skill)
  • Character Combo 3: Shirou + Jota + D-bee + Dasha
  • Character Combo 4: Shirou + D-bee + Dasha + Wukong (active skill)


Free Fire character “K” is based on real life American musician, songwriter and DJ “Niles Hollowell-Dhar” also known by his stage name “KSHMR”. His stage name is pronounced “Kashmir”, an ode to his father’s “Kashmiri Hindu” roots. With catchphrases like “Its all in the mind“, “one step closer to enlightenment” and “Mind over matter“, the character has been given poetic other-worldly persona and same goes with his abilities. K’s Character Skills are “Active” in nature with two operational mode: Jiu-Jitsu Mode and Psychology Mode.

Free Fire K Character Profile:

Garena Free Fire Character K based on real life indian-american musician KSHMR

Age: 31

Birthday: 06 October

Occupation: Psych Professor

Hobby: Chess

Relationship: Private

Logo: Master Of All

Free Fire Character K Abilities:

Initial Survival ability: Maximum EP increased by 50. JIU-JITSU MODE: Allies within 6m get 500% increase in EP conversion rate. PSYCHOLOGY MODE: Recover 2 EP every 3s, upto 100 EP. Mode switch Cool Down period is 3s. While Jiu-Jitsu mode of Free fire character K is fixed, Players can experience further decrease in cool down duration and increase in Max EP recovered, as they level-up the character to Level 6.

Ability/Unlock atLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Level 6
Duraction in Sec32.
Max EP100110120130140150

Free Fire K best Character Combinations:

Free Fire character K’s best utilization is during Long Range fights or for Players who prefer rotation inside the danger zone during the first circle to avoid any possibility of early elimination. The character is very useful when you are stuck inside the Zoe and don’t have any medikits.

  • Character Combo 1: K (active skill) + Laura + Hayato + Maxim
  • Character Combo 2: K (active skill) + Laura + Rafael + Maro
  • Character Combo 3: K (active skill) + Laura + Shirou + Rafael
  • Character Combo 4: K (active skill) + Laura + Miguel + Maxim

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