Free fire amazon prime rewards 2021

Today on 19 august 2021, Garena Free fire has released its amazon prime rewards list for the year 2021. The in-game event which is going to held from 19 august 2021 to 2 February 2022, will allow amazon prime subscribers to claim various rewards every two week.

We will cover all the details regarding amazon prime free fire reward list, how to login and the free rewards from in-game menu, all the subscription rules as well as its worth. So let’s see how to redeem 12 amazon free fire bi-weekly rewards in India.

This exciting event is released only for Indian servers and players of this battle royale game should read all the event rules before accessing the rewards in their in-game free fire account.


Amazon Prime Free fire Rewards list 2021
Amazon Prime Free fire Rewards list 2021

Before jumping into the technical details of this collaboration event between Garena and amazon prime, let’s list all the available free rewards this year. We will also compare each rewards actual worth in terms of in-game diamond currency.

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FF Amazon Prime RewardClaim PeriodWorth
Hayato (Character)19/08/21 – 01/09/21 499 💎
5 Diamond Royale Voucher02/09/21 – 15/09/21
Wiggle Walk (Emote)16/09/21 – 29/09/21 399 💎
One-eyed Bundle (Costume)30/09/21 – 13/10/21 399 💎
Kapella (Character)14/10/21 – 27/10/21299 💎
5 Weapon Royale Voucher28/10/21 – 10/11/21
Crystal Soul Backpack11/11/21 – 24/11/21299 💎
Techwear Jacket (Female)25/11/21 – 08/12/21199 💎
Ottero Pet09/12/21 – 22/12/21699 💎
5 Magic Cube Fragment23/12/21 – 05/01/22
An artist escape Surfboard06/01/22 – 19/01/22 199 💎
Sakura Ottero pet skin20/01/22 – 02/02/22 699 💎

Amazon Prime’s annual membership charge is ₹999 and with this event you’ll get around 3700 diamond worth of free fire items as reward. Now even if you top-up 2 monthly membership of Free fire, which costs ₹1198 ( ₹599 each), you’ll only get 3800 diamonds over the period of 2 months to get these items.

On top of these free amazon prime free fire rewards, you’ll have the usual benefit of fast delivery, prime video membership, exclusive deals etc., so yeah this garena free fire event is totally worth your money, if you want to purchase some pricey items for free.


This event is a bonus for those, who already planned to have an amazon prime subscription. But before you reap benefit from this free fire mobile event for Indian server, you should know the following rules:

  • Take an amazon Prime annual subscription worth ₹999 and then login to your account
  • Bind your Free fire account with this amazon prime account
  • After the linking is successful. You can claim the biweekly free fire rewards. Which will directly get added to your Free fire UID account.
  • Each amazon prime account can only redeem each reward once.
  • Each free fire account can only redeem each reward once.
  • At, any time one free fire account can only be linked with one amazon prime account and vice-versa.
  • Amazon prime biweekly rewards run through the event period and get refreshed at 00:00 IST. If you have joined the event late, you can still redeem all previous weeks rewards.


How to redeem Amazon Prime Free Fire rewards?

Once you have bind an active amazon prime account with your Free fire in-game account, all rewards for that period can be claimed through the event section and will be added to your in-game vault automatically.

What if My Amazon Prime Subscription Expires?

As long as you have an active amazon prime subscription, you can redeem that duration’s free fire rewards without any hassle. Note that if your amazon prime subscription expires before the final event date, you’ll not be able to redeem all rewards.

In that scenario, you’ll only be able to redeem the free fire rewards of your subscription end date’s – bi-weekly reward [Please ensure the same by calling the amazon prime customer care or Free fire customer support].

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