CES 2022 Innovation Award Honorees Winners

The CES Innovation Awards is an annual competition honoring outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology products. This year the program received a record 1800+ submissions and the Honoree list in each category is released ahead of the CES 2022 Event, to be held between January 5, 2022 to January 8, 2022 in Las Vegas.

The CES 2022 Innovation Awards program consists of 27 product categories: Accessibility, Computer Hardware & Components, Computer Peripherals & Accessories, Cybersecurity & Personal Privacy, Digital Imaging/Photography, Drones & Unmanned Systems, Embedded Technologies, Fitness & Sports, Gaming, Headphones & Personal Audio, Health & Wellness, High-Performance Home Audio/Video, Home Appliances, Home Audio/Video Components & Accessories, In-Vehicle Entertainment & Safety, Mobile Devices & Accessories, Portable Media Players & Accessories, Robotics, Smart Cities, Smart Home, Software & Mobile Apps, Streaming, Sustainability-Eco-Design & Smart Energy, Vehicle Intelligence & Transportation, Video Displays, Virtual & Augmented Reality and Wearable Technologies.

The CES 2022 “Honoree” are the top scoring products in each category whereas “Best of Innovation” award Honoree are the highest-rated products across all categories.


CES 2022 Innovation Award Honoree Winners List

15 CES 2022 Innovation Award Honorees in “Best Of Innovation” Category

1. Thunderbolt 4 – Truly Universal Cable Connectivity

  • Company: Intel Corporation
  • Best of Innovation: Computer Hardware & Components
  • Honoree Categories: Computer Hardware & Components & Best of Innovation
  • Product Details: Thunderbolt 4 is Intel’s next generation of its universal cable connectivity solution for a truly universal cable connectivity experience. Thunderbolt 4 always delivers 40 GBPS speeds for data and video, while delivering power over a single connection.

2. Galaxy Z Flip3 Bespoke Edition

  • Company: Samsung Electronics America
  • Best of Innovation: Mobile Devices & Accessories
  • Honoree Categories: Mobile Devices & Accessories & Best of Innovation
  • Product Details: Galaxy Z Flip3 is a foldable smartphone with a bold design and all-new functionality.

3. TCL X9 8K OD Zero Mini-LED TV (X925 PRO)

  • Company: TCL Electronics
  • Best of Innovation: High Performance Home Audio & Video
  • Honoree Categories: High Performance Home Audio & Video & Best of Innovation
  • Product Details: TCL’s X9(X925PRO) is the first TV with its third-generation mini-LED backlight, OD Zero™ display technology. The TCL X9 features exceptional 8K display resolution with over 33 million pixels for brilliant clarity that’s four times the sharpness of 4K TVs.

4. FreeStyle Libre 3 system

  • Company: Abbott
  • Best of Innovation: Health & Wellness
  • Honoree Categories: Wearable Technologies, Health & Wellness & Best of Innovation
  • Product Details: FreeStyle Libre 3 is the Abbott’s next-generation CGM system, featuring the world’s smallest, thinnest glucose sensor that can be worn up to 14 days to deliver continuous, real-time glucose readings directly to smartphones with unsurpassed accuracy and performance.

5. TestNpass

  • Company: GRAPHEAL
  • Best of Innovation: Health & Wellness
  • Honoree Categories: Health & Wellness & Best of Innovation
  • Product Details: TestNpass is a stand-alone digital “test strip” powered and connected to the smartphone, which, after test, turns into a personal and secure RFID pass. TestNpass screens for the presence of biomarkers in body fluids and delivers a time-stamped, encrypted RFID tag, which is tamper-proofed by facial recognition control. It provides a secure, biometric health pass in less than 5 minutes, ideal for rapid and repeated screening in high traffic areas and large venues such as airports, stadium, concert and exhibition halls.

6. Magna ICON Digital Radar

  • Company: Magna International
  • Best of Innovation: Vehicle Intelligence & Transportation
  • Honoree Categories: Vehicle Intelligence & Transportation & Best of Innovation
  • Product Details: ICON Radar is an automotive industry-first software defined digital imaging radar for driver-assisted technology. ICON Radar can scan the environment around the vehicle in four dimensions with 16 times better resolution and 30 times better contrast than analog. Therefore enhances a vehicle’s ability to “see” its surroundings and detect potential dangers for autonomous driving.

7. Polygon

  • Company: IRSAP SPA
  • Best of Innovation: Home Appliances
  • Honoree Categories: Home Appliances & Best of Innovation
  • Product Details: POLYGON, the flagship of IRSAP Smart electric radiators, is the first IRSAP product with built-in WIFI connection. It measures air quality as well as CO2 level inside the house in addition to please the user with the desired home temperature at a minimum cost.

8. Leica BLK ARC

  • Company: Leica Geosystems, part of Hexagon
  • Best of Innovation: Robotics
  • Honoree Categories: Robotics & Best of Innovation
  • Product Details: The BLK ARC is an autonomous laser scanning module for robotics applications. It provides a safe and autonomous way to capture, in 3D, the images and data of areas that are difficult or dangerous for humans to reach.

9. Ocean Battery

  • Company: Ocean Grazer
  • Best of Innovation: Sustainability, Eco-Design & Smart Energy
  • Honoree Categories: Sustainability, Eco-Design & Smart Energy & Best of Innovation
  • Product Details: The Ocean Battery is a scalable, modular solution for large scale offshore storage of electricity that is produced by renewable sources such as wind turbines and floating solar farms at sea.

10. RainStick Shower

  • Company: RainStick
  • Best of Innovation: Smart Home
  • Honoree Categories: Smart Home & Best of Innovation
  • Product Details: RainStick Shower is a WiFi-enabled circular shower that saves 80% water and up to 80% energy while doubling the flow rate.

11. Petnow-The Nose Print Identification App for Dogs

  • Company: Petnow Inc.
  • Best of Innovation: Software & Mobile Apps
  • Honoree Categories: Software & Mobile Apps & Best of Innovation
  • Product Details: Petnow is a smartphone application that utilizes Artificial intelligence to identify dogs with their noses. Since like the fingerprints of people, dogs’ noses are unique to each individual dogs, this product introduces a revolutionary solution to build a world without lost or abandoned dogs.

12. WHILL Model F – Foldable Personal EV

  • Company: WHILL, Inc.
  • Best of Innovation: Accessibility
  • Honoree Categories: Accessibility & Best of Innovation
  • Product Details: WHILL Model F is a lightweight and foldable personal electric vehicle designed to assist an active lifestyle for seniors and people who have difficulty walking .

13. VideowindoW

  • Company: VideowindoW
  • Best of Innovation: Smart Cities
  • Honoree Categories: Smart Cities & Best of Innovation
  • Product Details: VideowindoW converts entire glass façades into huge transparent video screens. Already a game changer at Airports, VideowindoW is seen as a gamechanger across multiple industries, especially due to its Immersive entertainment tech combined with glare and climate control.

14. OtO Lawn

  • Company: OtO Inc.
  • Best of Innovation: Smart Home
  • Honoree Categories: Smart Home & Best of Innovation
  • Product Details: The OtO Lawn is a solar powered smart sprinkler that automatically waters and applies lawn and garden treatments from a smartphone, saving you up to 50% on water bills.

15. See & Spray

  • Company: John Deere
  • Best of Innovation: Robotics
  • Honoree Categories: See & Spray is a huge Robot for agriculture industry that uses advanced machine learning to detect the difference between plants and weeds, and precisely spray herbicide only on the weeds. Therefore reduces the use of herbicide by up to 80 %, benefiting both the farmer and the environment.

11 CES 2022 Innovation Award Honorees in “Gaming” Category

CES 2022 Innovation Award ProductCompany
Pixicade Plus Mobile Game MakerBitOGenius Inc.
Alienware Aurora Gaming Desktop R13 / R14Dell Technologies
Quincy Drawing RobotLandzo Technology Co., Ltd.
MEG 551U OLEDMSI Computer Corp.
MEG ARTYMIS 341 MiniLEDMSI Computer Corp.
MEG ProspectMSI Computer Corp.
MEG Z690 GODLIKEMSI Computer Corp.
SoundSlayer WIGSS (SC-GN01)Panosonic
GameboardThe Last Gameboard, Inc.
Momentum 55 Designed for
Xbox Gaming Display 559M1
TPV (Philips Monitors)

18 CES 2022 Innovation Award Honorees in “Computer Hardware & Component” Category

CES 2022 Innovation Award Product Company
AMD Radeon RX 6800M Mobile GraphicsAMD
Piezo Haptic Trackpad ModuleBoréas Technologies
AORUS P1200W 80+ Platinum
Modular Power Supply
GIGABYTE Technology
OMEN by HP 45L Gaming Desktop PCHP Inc.
Thunderbolt 4Intel Corporation
Lenovo Yoga Tab 13Lenovo
DxRADMedical Innovation Developer Co.,Ltd.
GeForce RTX 3080 Ti SEA HAWK X 12GMSI Computer Corp
MEG TrebleMSI Computer Corp.
MEG Z690 GODLIKEMSI Computer Corp.
MEG Z690 UNIFY-XMSI Computer Corp.
Samsung 512GB DDR5 RDIMMSamsung Electronics
Samsung PCIe Gen5 NVMe SSD –
PM1743 2/4/8/16TB
Samsung Electronics
Samsung U.2 ZNS NVMe SSD
2/4TB (PM1731a)
Samsung Electronics
Galaxy Book Pro 360Samsung Electronics America

26 CES 2022 Innovation Award Honorees in “Computer Peripherals & Accessories” Category

CES 2022 Innovation Award Product Company
Audeze FILTER SpeakerAudeze
Dell UltraSharp WebcamDell Technologies
Elgato 1080p60 FacecamElgato
GRAID SupremeRAIDGRAID Technology
HP DreamColor Z27x Studio DisplayHP Inc.
HP Smart Tank 7600 Series PrintersHP Inc.
HP U32 4K HDR MonitorHP Inc.
Hyperdrive iMac Turntable DockHyper
HyperDrive Thunderbolt 4 Power HubHyper
360° All Around Webcamj5create
ScreenCast USB-C Wireless Display
HDMI Extender
KanDao Meeting SKanDao Technology Co.,Ltd.
GaN2GO 60W dual portable chargerL Lab Corporation
CLUTCH GM41MSI Computer Corp
MPG321UR-QD Xbox EditionMSI Computer Corp
Orbi 5G WiFi6 Mesh System NBK752NETGEAR
Orbi Quad-band WiFi 6E System
(RBKE960 Series)
GraphicPaper screen protectorPanzerGlass
Cypress Hero EcoSmart BackpackTargus
Archer AXE11000 Omni
Tri Band Wi-Fi 6E Router
Vuzix Shield AR smart glassesVuzix Corporation
Brilliance 27” 7903 series MiniLED monitorTPV (Philips Monitors)
Two-in-One EasyRead Monitor 24B1D5600TPV (Philips Monitors)

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