BGMI Lite Release Date, Pre Registration & APK Download Website

Are you looking for “BGMI lite release date”, “BGMI lite pre registration”, or “BGMI lite APK download” on google playstore? BGMI lovers will be sad to hear that KRAFTON has not announced any details about release of BGMI lite version for India. Due to huge demand of BGMI lite, the queries related to the BGMI lite version are trending on various platforms like Youtube, Twitter and Google since a week.

BGMI Lite Launch Date, Pre Registration & News:

As there was PUBG lite (the lighter version of PUBG) in past, so BGMI gamers in India are expecting a release of BGMI lite version. In India we all know that most of people have mid range android smartphones with specifications like 1GB ram, 2-8 GB hard disk space and a lower range mobile processor. It is not possible to get maximum fps and smooth gameplay in these lower specs, thats why the demand of BGMI lite is increasing day by day. Before the ban of PUBG mobile they were playing pubg lite version as the gameplay was smooth with less usage of ram but now they have no options left instead of playing BGMI main version or other low spec battle royal game – free fire.

The original news is that KRAFTON has not released any update regrading the release of BGMI lite for Indian users. We can see online on various sites which are spreading these rumours like BGMI lite pre registration, BGMI lite download and BGMI release date. Also we all know BGMI has not released their iOS version until now so there is no possibility of releasing BGMI lite. May be after the release for their BGMI iOS version KRAFTON can work on the release on BGMI lite apk.

But we can see thousand of people spamming BGMI lite on the live streams of BGMI pro players, BGMI twitter and Instagram posts. This can grab the attention of the developers & promoters of BGMI and may be they think about creating BGMI lite version from Indian gaming community. So we are providing some details about BGMI lite which are prepared by our team by researching if KRAFTON plans to release BGMI lite version like old PUBG lite.

What will be the Specifications of BGMI Lite Version?

Whenever in future KRAFTON decides to prepare a lite version of Battlegrounds Mobile India the specifications will be almost similar to the older PUBG lite.

BGMI Lite RAM Requirement1 GB
BGMI Lite Space Requirement600-800 MB
Gaming Engine for BGMI LiteUnreal Engine 4

Steps to Download BGMI Lite APK (If released by KRAFTON)

Here are the steps through which you can download BGMI lite apk if in future it is released by BGMI developers:

  • BGMI lovers should open the official google playstore – on their android mobile phones.
  • In Second step they have to write BGMI lite in the top search bar to get to the official download page.
  • Then click on the green install button which will initiate the process of downloading BGMI lite to your smartphones.
  • In the final step the installation will be done automatically and gamers can login using their gmail, facebook or twitter to play the game.
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BGMI Lite Official Sources For News And Updates:

BGMI Facebook Page
BGMI Twitter Page
BGMI Instagram Page
BGMI YouTube Channel
Follow only these official BGMI sources to get exact news about BGMI lite release date, BGMI Lite download links, BGMI launch date or BGMI pre registration.

BGMI Lite Latest News 2021:

  • Battleground Mobile India lovers have filled a petition for KRAFTON inc with hashtag #WeWantBGMI_Lite which has received 2000+ signatures so far.
  • Due to continuous spamming of BGMI lite fans on BGMI youtube streamers and twitter, now many online gaming news websites are publishing it, we hope KRAFTON to provide some positive news about BGMI lite soon.

Frequently Asked Questions About BGMI Lite Version in India:

When BGMI lite will be released in India?

Currently, the release of BGMI lite version in India is just a rumour as there is no official statement from KRAFTON about releasing lite version for Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Where i can find original news about BGMI lite?

As we all know demand for the release of BGMI lite game is very huge these days so we can expect some news from their official publisher KRAFTON in coming days. But for the real news about BGMI lite you must follow BGMI official social media accounts on twitter, facebook and instagram.

Why Indian gamers are demanding for release of BGMI lite version now?

They want lite version of BGMI as everybody here can’t afford high specification based android smartphones.

Note: We and our team is not affiliated or connected to BGMI officials or KRAFTON. We are just providing news and updates related to BGMI lite to help Indian gaming community. The information provided here about BGMI lite like BGMI release date, BGMI pre registration link, BGMI download etc. may change in future following the updates from the Battlegrounds mobile India official team.
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