Best Diwali Led Lights Online for Home Decoration

Each year the festive evening of Diwali brings forth the jovial nature in each person, brightening the gathering of family, friends and loved ones. To reciprocate this inner feeling, every individual illuminates his apartment, home or workplace with diya lamps, candles and decorative light strings.

Diwali will be celebrated this year on 14 November 2023, and as the festival of light is upon us, we have taken this opportunity to curate some of the best deals on Diwali LED Light Strings for indoor home decoration, as well as twinkling rice light series for outside house bedizenment.

There is no denying that a well harmonized lightning décor not only adds unique sensations and experiences to our Diwali celebration, but also takes us to a trip down memory lane, when we helped our parents in installing light strings and played with different lighting mode Combinations.

It is true that, in the local market, there are plethora of Indian and Chinese made LED Diwali lights available for Indian customers, but still e-commerce sites like Amazon sells millions of Diwali lights online.

The main reason for this massive buying is not only due to the convenience of purchasing Diwali lights online, but also due the quality and options available for the Indian customer. These colorful light strings are available in many shapes, colors, and sizes on Amazon, be it tiny rice lights to long extendable outdoor serial lights.

On top of that LED light variety like hanging diyas, star lighting, electric diya lights, and LED strip ropes, allows one to choose & buy the perfect decorative Diwali lights according to their ambience and preference.

So, if you are planning to buy a decorative light this year, allow us to present the best 2023 Diwali LED lights available in online marketplaces. There are many LED String light options available in both Amazon and Flipkart, which can be quite overwhelming. And that’s why this ultimate Diwali 2023 LED Buying List will present to you the most mesmerizing, flexible, long lasting & well received decoration lights in India.

These lights have Very High Lumens and will definitely add some festive cheer to your living space and makes your Diwali extra special this year.

Outdoor LED Lights For Diwali Decoration

Searching for best outdoor home decoration led lights? Checkout our collection below of all top & best quality home decoration LED lights for the Diwali festival 2023.

VLAC Neon led Rope Strip Waterproof Outdoor Flexible Light with Connector

VLAC Neon Led Rope Strip is one of the best outdoor light during iwali occasion as it has 120LED/Meter silicone light. The material used in this Led Strip is plastic which is waterproof, heat resistant and weather resistant. One of the main USP of this Neon Led Rope is that you can cut this Led light according to your requirements during decoration.

VLAC Neon Led Rope Strip - Best outdoor diwali light decoration


Colors AvailableBlue, Green, Pink, Red, Warm White & White
FeaturesWaterproof, Heat & Weather Resistant
Led Lights120 LEDs per meter
Bending Angle 360 Degree Bendable
Outdoor Usage AreasOutdoor Home Decoration, Office Building Decoration, Hotel Decoration, Malls & Store Outside Decoration
CountryMade in India

300 LED Window Curtain String Light

LED Window Curtain String Light is a multipurpose USB powered LED light which can be used outdoor as well as indoors on curtains to have moonlight effect. This curtain String Light comes with 8 lighting modes and through remote you can adjust the brightness of light as 4 brightness levels are provided.

300 LED Window Curtain String Light - Long Fancy lights for Diwali Decoration


ColorCool White
FeaturesWaterproof, USB Powered,
Adjustable Brightness Levels
Number of LEDs300 High Quality LEDs
Dimensions (LxWxH)‎22.7 x 22.2 x 2.2 Centimeters
Luminous Flux‎2100 Lumen
Usage AreasOutdoor Curtains, Outdoor Gate,
Kitchen, Hall, Dining Room, Big Party Locations
CountryMade in USA

Multi Rose LED Lights Toran Bandhanwar

If you are looking for only Made In India LED lights for Diwali decoration, then you may like Multi Rose LED Lights by A2Z, which is available on Amazon India’s website under price range of Rs 1000. These LED lights are DC powered & the string material used here is bendable, so you can use it on outdoor plants, sign boards and other outdoor doors, welcoming the guests.

3 Feet Long Multi Rose LED Lights Toran for Diwali Home Festival Decoration


FeaturesColour Changing Feature, Soft String
Bulb TypeLED ROSES Multicolour
Length3 Feet
Usage AreasOutdoor, Plants, Furniture,
Signs, Windows
CountryMade in India

DesiDiya 8 Modes Curtain Strip Lights

DesiDiya Curtain Strip LED Lights are best suited for places like terrace or balcony as they are long in length which can cover the whole area easily. This curtain strip light is a made in India product and comes with dimmable feature. Also a remote control is provided with this curtain led strip which can used to adjust the brightness level and timing of the lights (6-hour on and 18-HOUR off ).

300 LEDs 10 Fairy Light 3 Meter Each for Outdoor Diwali Decoration


ColorWarm White
Features8 Lighting Modes Cobinations
Lighting ModesSequential, Waves, Chasing/Flash,
Twinkle/Flash, Steady, Slow-Glow, Slow-Fade
Bulb Type300 super bright warm white LEDs
Length3 Meter/Strand (30 LEDs), 10 drop strings
Usage AreasOutdoor, Terrace, Indoor Curtains,
Kitchen, Living Room, Bedroom,
CountryMade in India

Color Changing LED Strip Lights

If you want to give RGB light effect to your home or office, then these color changing RGB LED Strip Lights are best suited for your needs during Diwali occasion. This LED strip is available in 3 different sizes – 16 Color 5050, 16.4ft and 50ft. You can directly stick these to your home tiles or walls as the back side of LED strip contains adhesive.

Color Changing RGB LED Strip Lights - 50 ft Long Outdoor Diwali Light for House


FeaturesColor Changing LED Strip, 44 Key Remote,
Brightness Adjustment,
6 Lighting Effect Modes
Bulb TypeRGB LED
Size Available16 Color 5050, 16.4ft, 50ft
Usage AreasOutdoor Walls, Tiles, Indoor, Living Room,
Cabinets, Furniture, Home Parties

ULTRA with S DEVICE LED Rope (Strip) Light

This LED Rope Strip whose manufacturer is ‎GURUKRUPA AGARBATI WORKS comes in 10 different sizes up to 100 meters and 7 colors. The SMD used in this LED rope are of high quality, waterproof and comes with a thick silicon coating. If you want to decorate large areas of shopping mall, office building outer space, hotel or big houses, simply opt for these amazing LED rope lights.

Waterproof 100 Meter Long Outdoor Diwali LED Light for Balcony Trees and Garden


Colors AvailableMulticolor, Red, Blue, Green,
Pink, Warm White & White
FeaturesWaterproof, Very High Lumens,
Flexible Silicon Coating,
LED TypeHigh Quality SMD
Size Available3 Meter, 4 Meter, 5 Meter, 10 Meter, 15 Meter,
20 Meter, 25 Meter, 30 Meter, 50 Meter & 100 Meter
Usage AreasHotels, Shopping Malls, Outdoors, Indoors,
Ceiling, Stores, and Office Building

Indoor Diwali LED Lights For Home Decoration

BUYPLUS Bonsai Led Light Desk Tree Lamps

Bonsai Led Light Desk Tree Lamps by BUYPLUS company is an unique indoor Diwali decoration item, which can be used on tables, bed sides, and also as a showpiece. This LED Tree LAMP requires no wires during operation as it contains 2 AA batteries which can be recharged, but you can also connect the USB for powering it. You can use it for longer duration during occasion like Diwali, as its LED wire string is made up of copper which cause less heating.

Unique Diwali House Light Decoration Ideas - Bonsai Led Light Desk Tree Lamps


Options Available108 LED Branch Lamp, Cherry Blossam Lamp,
Metal Leaf LED Lamp, Plum Blossam Lamp
ColorWarm White
Material UsedWood and Glass
Lifespan of LED20,000 hours lifespan
Usage AreasIndoor, Table, Bedroom side desk, study desk
OriginMade in China

NOVALUC 40 LED Crystal Ball Fairy String Diwali Lights

Next fancy option for Indoor Diwali decoration is NOVALUC 40 LED Crystal Ball Lights, which can either be used as wall hanging decor, flower pots, or in children’s room, since there is almost negligible heating effect. Wherever you choose, these Fairy String LED Lights promises to add a special charm, but be aware of the fact that these crystal ball lights are not waterproof.

40 LED Crystal Ball Diwali Decorative Lights for Indoor sajavat


Light ShapeCrystal Bubble Ball
ColorWarm White
Power Source2 Pin (Indian Power Plug)
Length19 feet
LED Bulbs40 Micro LED bulbs
OriginMade in India

Firework Lights Wire Lights- Dimmable String Fairy Lights with Remote Control

If you are searching for LED lights which can be used indoor as well as outdoors with hanging feature, then you must Firework Design like String Wire Lights which are available on Amazon India portal. The wires used in this firework LED lights are made up of copper which are easily bendable, so shapes like firework or bouquet can be designed easily. Not only these lights are waterproof which makes it an exclusive product for outdoor area decoratin during diwali but it has 8 different light modes through which we can have a feeling of vibrant and dynamic atmosphere.

120 LED DIY Hanging Starburst Lights for Diwali pooja room decoration


Light ShapeFirework Lights (Copper Wires Bendable)
FeaturesFlexible cooper wires, IP67 Waterproof,
Wireless remote control, Energy Efficient,
Dimmable with timer
Modes8 Modes (strobe/flash/smooth/steady)
Number LED Lights150
Usage AreaOutdoors, Indoor, Bedroom, Garden,
Bar, Windows, Patio
OriginMade in USA

DishanKart 12 Diwali Hanging Diya Set 238 LED Curtain String Lights

Diwali Hanging Diya Set is one of the best product on Amazon for diya design & curtain light lovers. This LED curtain string lights contains a total of 138 LED including 12 hanging diya in which 6 are of small size and another 6 of big size. This hanging DIYA light is also IP44 Waterproof which makes it compatible for outdoor usage also but make sure the power/controller are not open outdoor as they are not waterproof. 8 Lighting Modes creates a gorgeous look for this DIYA design and the copper wiring used makes it to produce less heat which indirectly increase the lifespan of this LED product.

Diwali Hanging LED DIYA set for Pooja Room decoration


Light ShapeDiwali Diya Shape
ColorWarm white lighting (Comfortable illumination)
FeaturesHeat Resistant, IP44 Waterproof,
100% Cooper Wire, High Brightness, Eco-friendly
Product Dimensions5.5*3.5 ft
Modes8 Lighting Modes with memory function
Number LED Lights238
Usage AreaHome (Indoor/Outdoor), Garden, Pooja room
OriginMade in India

USRSTORE  LED Curtain String Lights with 10 Heart and 138 Pieces

We all know that unique type of curtain lights creates a vibrant atmosphere during any festive season. LED Curtain String Lights from USRSTORE brand creates a unique kind of ambience by providing warm white light with ‎Luminous Flux of 500 Lumens. 138 pieces of high quality LEDs are used for creation of this product which contains 10 heart shaped lights also. On Amazon this string light has been reviewed by close to 100 buyers and most of them have rated it above 4 stars.

Heart Shaped LED Light String - Diwali lighting gift for Boyfriend and Girlfriend


Light ShapeHeart Shape
ColorWarm White
FeaturesLonger Lifespan, Bright Light,
Premium Quality Material
Product Dimensions10 x 20 x 5 Centimeters
Number LED Lights138
Luminous Flux500 Lumen
Usage AreaOutdoor Space, Indoor on curtains, & Balcony
OriginMade in China

AtneP 20 LED Colorful Rattan Ball String Lights

If you need something unique and Antique which is energy efficient also for decorating your home or office in this diwali season, then Colorful Rattan Ball String Lights are best suited for you. These lights are ball shaped in which color micro LED light is integrated which produces a vibrant warm white light. One of the amazing thing about these ball string lights is they creates a 360°sparkling glow effect which is better than the lighting effect produced by incandescent lights.

4 Meter Long Colorful Rattan Ball String Lights with 20 LEDs for indoor Diwali adornment


Light ShapeBall Shaped
ColorWarm White (Multicolour Plastic)
FeaturesEnergy Efficient, Soft & Sturdy Design,
Flexible, Portable & Waterproof
Product Dimensions4 Meter
Number LED Lights20
Usage AreaDiwali wall decor, Outdoor tree, door, & windows,
Diwali indoor floor, living room ceiling, & balcony
OriginMade in India

Techno E-Tail 20 LED Waterdrop Decorative String Lights

If you are bored of using normal LED lights like star shaped, heart shaped or curtain strings, then let us present a unique design of LED for you – The BUBBLE WATERDROP SHAPE. It comes in the form of 7.5 cm drop with the length of whole piece comes close to 11.5 feet. These Bubble Waterdrop shaped LED string lights creates a unique kind of experience as they are more attractive than other LED lights available on the shopping portals online. Bubble Waterdrop LED lights can be easily purchased through Amazon India E-Commerce portal where they comes under Rs 500 price which is quite reasonable & affordable.

Unique and popular Decorative light for Diwali in the shape of Water drops - Best-selling Diwali Lights


Light ShapeBubble Waterdrop Shape
ColorWarm White
FeaturesCorded, High Brightness,
Almost No Heat, Waterproof drops
Product Dimensions11.6 Feet
Number LED Lights20 Crystal Drop styled lamp bulbs which contains LEDs
Usage AreaBest Suited for Windows, Balcony, Bedroom,
& Ceiling Decor on Diwali Week
OriginMade in India

NIYAMAX Silicone Blooming Flower Fairy String Lights

Blossom Flower String LED lights are made up from small sized LEDs and silicone material. These flower shaped lights creates a fairy effect and can be used for longer duration without worrying about over heating. One of the most important aspect before buying LED lights for Diwali is their feasibility. Be free to use these Flower Shaped LED string lights at any location you want as they are 100% waterproof. String used in this LED light make it easy for users to get any kind of desired shape to create a charming atmosphere during this Diwali festival.

Quirky Festive light decor for home decoration in Diwali


Light ShapeBlossom Flower
ColorWarm White
FeaturesEnergy Efficient, Waterproof lights,
360 degree lighting
Product Dimensions4 Meter
Number LED Lights16 Ultra Bright Colour Micro LEDs
Usage AreaBest Suited for room, garden,
wall, gate, yard, tree
OriginMade in China

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