Best Diwali Gift Ideas for Family, Friends & Employees in 2022

Diwali is a festival of magical lights, which uplifts every soul and fills everyone’s heart with warmth, happiness and fervour. And sending a beautiful Diwali gift hamper or personalized gift item to your loved ones not only puts a smile on their faces but also emphasizes their value in your life.

Parents, grandparents, and adults like to celebrate the auspicious occasion in the company of their near and dear ones, cherishing unforgettable moments. But unlike the earlier days of nuclear families, more often than not, Indian youngsters live far away from their families. So, when they get to visit them in the Diwali holiday season, they rejoice every moment of it, and bringing gifts for family and friends is a vital part of it.

Kids, on the other hand, haven’t change much from one generation to the next. Still, all they want on Diwali is to dress up, burst some crackers with friends, enjoy a sky full of fireworks, and a mouthful of sweets. For them, gifting a box of chocolate treats or delicious dry fruit delights instantly makes you the favourite adult in the family.

When it comes to Diwali gifting, there are plethora of options available, both in offline market and e-commerce websites. From these overwhelming sea of alternatives we have curated a list of best Diwali gifts for friends, family and colleagues in 2022. So, if any of these suggested gift catches your eye, add them to your shopping cart and wish growth, prosperity and happiness to your loved ones.

Some gifts are big. Others are small. But the ones that come from the heart are the best gifts of all

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Traditional Diwali Gift Items for Family & Relatives

Before we present to you some unique and thoughtful Diwali gifts, let us list some simpler and more traditional gifts you can present to your loved ones. These classy Diwali gift collections are perfect for parents, elders, and Family members. From colourful candle holders to Diya oil lamps to Hindu god idols, these traditional Diwali gifts not only reflect the festival’s theme, but also convey the gifter’s wish for light and prosperity in the life of the recipient.

Homesake Candle Holders Gifts for Diwali Decoration

Homesake Candle Holders are one of the best rated Diwali gifts on Amazon India. Made in India and exclusively hand-crafted, these aesthetically pleasing home decor items are made with high quality materials. Perfect as a Diwali Pooja gift, they promise a beautiful essence of festival at the giftees Home.

Traditional Diwali Gift Items For Friends and Family on Amazon India
  • Product Name: Tealight Candle Holders (Pack of 2)
  • Purpose: Diwali Decoration Item
  • Brand: Homesake
  • Colour: Multicolour
  • Finish Type: Antique finish, Mosaic Glass
  • Material: lead-free high-quality glass
  • Theme: Floral

Other Best-Selling Diwali Gift Deals Available on Amazon

Collectible India Crystal
Tea Light Holder

Collectible India Crystal Tea Light Holder for Diwali Decoration
Urban Born Antique Metal Lantern & Hanging Tealight Holder (Set of 2)
Urban Born Antique Metal Lantern for Diwali Decoration

Lamcy Plaza Wooden Candle Holder – Diwali Lighting Gift

Lamcy Plaza store on Amazon India are known for their carefully curated home decor items. To be gifted as a keepsake, the vintage wooden tea light candle holders from the brand is made to elevate your loved ones Diwali for years to come.

Diwali Lighting Gifts Buy Online on Amazon India
  • Product Name: Wooden Tea Light Decorative Candle Holders
  • Purpose: Diwali Lighting Gift
  • Brand: Lamcy Plaza
  • Colour: T Light set 3 – Red
  • Finish Type: Painted
  • Material: Wood
  • Theme: Festival

Other Best Rated Diwali Gifts on Amazon

Vilon Glass Lotus Flower Tea Light Candle Holder
Diwali Decoration Gift Glass Lotus Flower

Collectible India Lotus Brass Diyas For Diwali Pooja

Collectible India is another highly praised Indian decor and gifting brand, which gained a strong foothold on Amazon E-Commerce market due to its authentic handmade products. The brass metal lotus Diya is a traditional cotton wick oil lamp, perfect for creating a spiritual atmosphere and welcoming Goddess Lakshmi.

Diwali Pooja Gifts - Beautiful Oil Lamp Diyas
  • Product Name: Lotus Brass Kuber Diyas (Set of 2)
  • Purpose: Diwali Pooja Gift
  • Brand: Collectible India
  • Colour: Red and Blue
  • Finish Type: Painted
  • Material: Brass Metal
  • Theme: Spiritual

Other Diwali Pooja Gift Items on Amazon

Two Moustaches Peacock Design
9 Antique Brass Diya
Diwali Pooja Gift for Family - Peacock Design Oil Wick Brass Diya
Treo Milton Arpan Brass Diya
with Borosilicate Glass

Traditional Diwali Gift - Akhand Diya gift for Family

StatueStudio Urli Bowl for Diwali Rangoli centerpiece

In recent times, urli bowls have become an essential part of the Diwali celebration, especially as a centerpiece for colourful Rangoli designs. Traditionally, these decorative bowls to float flowers and diyas are considered to attract positivity and symbolizes purity. You can include this showpiece in your Diwali gift baskets for friends and family and receive blessings for adding auspiciousness in their Diwali ceremonies.

StatueStudio Urli Bowl Rangoli centerpiece - Diwali gift for family
  • Product Name: Lotus Design Urli Bowl Showpiece
  • Purpose: Diwali Rangoli Centerpiece & Pooja room Decor
  • Brand: StatueStudio
  • Colour: Available in Pink, Red & Orange
  • Finish Type: Painted
  • Material: Brass Metal
  • Theme: Festive Decor
Greymode Decorative Sangu
Urli For Pooja room
Diwali Puja Room Decor Gift for Family and Relatives
Shabana Art Potteries
Decorative Uruli

Urli for Diwali Rangoli Decoration

Tamatina Traditional Art Paintings for Home décor

Traditional and Modern paintings showcasing Indian iconography are another great Diwali gifts for parents, and elders. Hindu pooja and rituals are an important part of Diwali celebrations, and there is nothing fulfilling to start the ceremony in the auspicious presence of Hindu deities painting on large canvas.

Tamatina Store on Amazon India is the best seller for religious themed Mural art canvas Paintings. These traditional Fine art pieces are known for their rich and vibrant colours, specially designed with non toxic, Eco Friendly, oil based premium Inks.

Tamatina Traditional Painting - Best Diwali gifts for parents and family members
  • Product Name: Unframed Kerala Mural Art Canvas Paintings
  • Purpose: Diwali Wall Decorative gift
  • Brand: Tamatina
  • Colour: Multicolour
  • Finish Type: Painted
  • Material: Pure Cotton Fabric Canvas
  • Theme: Religious

Other Popular Diwali Wall Decorative Gift Items

SAF Ganesha Framed Painting
Diwali Decorative Gift Item

Ganesha Framed Painting Diwali Decorative Gift Item
ArtX Framed Jai Shree Ram
Abstract Wall Art Painting

Diwali Wall Decoration Gift item Jai Shree Ram Art painting

Diwali Gift Hampers & Baskets for Friends

Chocolates gift hampers & Dry fruit baskets have established themselves as a great alternative to traditional Diwali sweets, specially amongst children. And while packaged sweets like Soan Papdi, Besan Ladoo and Burfees are still offered to gods & guests, Indian usually prefer to send these Diwali special gift hampers to their friends and loved ones living afar.

Each year, Brands like Cadbury releases new Diwali campaign to woo Indian Customers, and releases hand-picked festive gift packs at various price points. While chocolate is a favorite amongst children, its more convenient to send Dry Fruit basket to friends & family living far away. Also, if the Giftee is known to be health-conscious or a weight watcher, then also they’ll appreciate these healthy Diwali gifts.

Other great online options for gifting Diwali gift hampers like fnp (ferns & petals) are known for their high quality presents for every occasion. Delivered to almost every metro and tier-1 cities, their gift collection’s USP is spectacular packaging, but it comes with a slightly higher price. So, if you want to charm a dear one with Diwali gift hamper in a breathtaking gift basket, and price point is not really an issue, give them a go.

Corporate Diwali Gifts for Employees

In India, companies like to present Diwali-specific personalized gift items as well as intangible non-physical gifts (e-vouchers) to their employees/clients to show appreciation, make connection, and to wish them for the festive season.

During Diwali, people invites Maa Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth, into their house and wish to be blessed with prosperity for the next year. Reciprocating this sentiment, MNCs, Business and corporate houses like to arrange Diwali gifts for their employees, co-workers and client, to not only wish them a Happy Diwali but also to motivate them to grow together.

eCraftIndia Lord Ganesha on Metal Green Leaf is a great Diwali Corporate gift for Employees

eCraftIndia Lord Ganesha on Metal Green Leaf is a great Diwali Corporate gift option for employees

Diwali gift for employees - WebelKart Set of two Premium Crystal Rose Brass Candle Holder

WebelKart Premium Crystal Rose Brass Candle Holder (set of 2) – Diwali Decoration Gift for employees

Diwali gift for co-workers colleagues and clients by CraftVatika

CraftVatika Bird Nest Lantern Tealight Candle Holder for corporate gifting

Celebr8 4 in 1 Corporate Diwali Gift Set for Women Employees and Colleagues

Celebr8 4 in 1 Corporate Gift Set with Apple Clock, Crystal Pen, Business Card Holder & Keychain

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