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Every automobile consumer wants to be aware not just of the vehicle but also of the whole process of sale and after-sale services, and J.D. Power is a global leader in providing brand insights, data, and analytics to customers.

This article relays “SSI (Sales Satisfaction Index)” information in the mass market. Follow the following links if you are looking for information about CSI (Customer Service Index) in the car mass market or two wheeler segment.

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JD Power India Rankings [2019]

The J.D. Power India Sales Satisfaction Index (Mass Market) Study is in its 20th year in 2019, and as always, it amplifies the voice of the consumer while helping brands improve the value of their products and services based on what the consumer is expecting. SSI is a comprehensive analysis of the new vehicle purchase experience from the point of view of the customer.

The study is based on responses from approximately 6,500 new vehicle owners who purchased their vehicles between September 2018 and June 2019 in India.

The study examines six contributing factors to overall Indian customer satisfaction with their new vehicle purchase experience: dealership facility, delivery process, dealer sales consultant, paperwork completion, working out the deal, and dealership website.

Here’s the ranking based on the study in the Indian mass market segment:

Maruti Suzuki834

Hyundai tops the ranking with a score of 873 in overall sales satisfaction on a 1000-point scale, with an 846 average in the mass market. Mahindra (872), which ranks 2nd, and Toyota (854), which ranks 3rd, are also mentioned in the study.

Hyundai and Mahindra get the “Among the Best” rating from J.D. Power, while Toyota gets the “Better than Most”  rating.

Tata, Ford, and Volkswagen secured the “about average” power circle rating, while Renault, Honda, and Maruti Suzuki were placed at the bottom of the list for this year’s ranking.

Comparing it with J.D. Power’s 2018 mass market SSI study, we found that Hyundai marched past Mahindra to secure the top spot and coveted 5 star power circle rating this year.

Mahindra883   (5 STAR)
Hyundai876   (4 STAR)
Jeep871   (4 STAR)
Toyota860   (4 STAR)
Ford856   (4 STAR)
Volkswagen844   (3 STAR)
Tata838   (3 STAR)
Maruti Suzuki826   (2 STAR)
Datsun818   (2 STAR)
Honda818   (2 STAR)
Renault816   (2 STAR)

Interestingly, last year in 2018, six mass market automobile brands were able to surpass the mass market average of 842, while only Hyundai, Mahindra, and Toyota achieved the feat in 2019, surpassing the mass market average of 846.

Further including the results of J.D. Power’s mass market CSI (Customer Service Index), measuring after-sale satisfaction, reveals that Hyundai and Mahindra are the only two brands securing the top 3 spots in both the SSI and CSI 2019 lists, acing on both the “sales” and “customer satisfaction” fronts. Also, Honda India and Renault were placed at the bottom of both the CSI and SSI 2019 lists and had to really step up their game if they wanted to survive the cutthroat competition and seize the vast opportunities promised by the Indian automobile market.

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