Best Car Brand In Customer Service

India is world’s fifth largest car market in the world right now, that too without scratching the middle class opportunities that awaits for all the mass market automobile manufacturers in the upcoming years.

With every mass market brand opting for manufacturing plants within the country to get a foothold and investing in vast network of service centers to provide the best in class after sale services to the consumers; it’s important for consumers to know which brand is leading the way by example.

J D Powers CSI (Customer Service Index) Mass Market study is in its 23rd year in 2019 and examines satisfaction among vehicle owners who visit an authorized dealership service center for repair work or scheduled maintenance between the first 12 to 24 months of vehicle ownership.


The study is based on responses from approx. 7,100 new-vehicle owners who purchased their vehicle between March 2016 and August 2018 in India. 

The study examines 5 contributing factors to overall Indian customer satisfaction with after sales service: service quality, service initiation, service facility, service advisor, and vehicle pick-up Service.

Hyundai 903
Tata 870
Mahindra 863
Toyota 820
Volkswagen 819
Ford 816
Nissan 806
Datsun 799
Maruti Suzuki 799
Honda 796
Renault 787


Hyundai tops the after sale service satisfaction ranking with a score of 903 on a 1000 point scale, with 826 as the mass market average. Tata ranks 2nd with 870 points and Mahindra ranks 3rd with 863 points.

Hyundai is the only mass market brand who received the “Among the best” power circle rating this year while Tata and Mahindra received “Better than Most” rating.

Toyota, Volkswagen, Ford and Nissan each received “About Average” power circle rating in the study while Datsun, Maruti Suzuki, Honda and Renault had to satisfy sharing the amongst “the rest” rating.

Comparing it with J D Powers 2018 mass market CSI study, we found that the top 3 players were the same as this year with Hyundai India securing 1st place while Tata and Mahindra, the 2nd and the 3rd. Interestingly though, it is Volkswagen and Nissan who made quite a jump in the list this year than last year.

Hyundai 912
Tata 874
Mahindra 865
Ford 829
Toyota 827
Datsun 815
Honda 810
Maruti Suzuki 804
Volkswagen 796
Renault 794
Nissan 793
Chevrolet 789


So it is evident from the study that mass market automobile brands are changing their strategies, focusing equally if not greater, to catch the eye of Indian customer for being the best in class after sale services. While brands like Volkswagen and Nissan India has certainly stepped up their game, popular middle class car manufacturers like Maruti Suzuki and Honda has yet to achieve the coveted 5 star ratings.

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