100+ BGMI Clan Names With Stylish & Cool Symbols

Are you looking for the best BGMI clan name online on search engines? Halt your search and check our list of unique BGMI clan names along with tools to generate your BGMI clan name. We all know the importance of a unique BGMI clan name as it represents your BGMI team and helps in branding online on various platforms.

At present BGMI game is only available for android smartphones, so normally they use their inbuilt keypad for creating their clan name. But due to less number of fonts and lack of some unique symbols they can’t generate an attractive Battleground Mobile India clan name.

So we are here to help you out in generating the best and most stylish BGMI clan names which can be copied directly from here to the game.

Best BGMI Clan Names with Stylish Symbols

◤𝔹𝕠𝕙𝕖𝕞𝕚𝕒୧✭𝓯𝓲𝓻𝓮𝔄𝔤𝔫𝔦█▬█ █ ▀█▀
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Checklist For Creating Unique BGMI Clan Name:

  • If you are using some tool online for creating your BGMI clan name, please make sure that your BGMI clan name should be easily memorable.
  • While generating your BGMI clan name kindly check that it should not be similar to the existing BGMI clans.
  • If you have higher goals like making an Esports organization or establishing a gaming business, you have to check the prepared BGMI clan name on trademark search, and domain availability checking websites. Also check Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for the same name you created from your BGMI clan.
  • During creation of your BGMI clan name you should avoid normal dictionary words and unique symbols should be used to make it different from other BGMI clans.

List of BGMI Clans in India

Soul ClanOrange Rock ClanFnatic Clan
TSM – Entity ClanMegastars Clan8 Bit Clan
Team Tamilas ClanETG Brawlers ClanInsidious Clan
SynerGE ClanTeam IND ClanHYDRA Clan
GodLike ClanAxom ClanINS Clan
ORB Clan

BGMI Clan Name Generator:

Still if want more BGMI clan names other than our above provided list, you can use the websites & tools provided below for generating stylish BGMI clan names:

  • NICKFINDER: Whether you want to create a normal name or stylish BGMI clan name, this website is the answer for all. Nickfinder contains all the fonts and symbols which you can use to make your BGMI clan name unique.
  • METATAGS.IO: The second best website for creating BGMI clan names is MetaTags where you can get other variations of font like Wonky Doodle, Matrix DOT, Black Pill, Slipknot and many more.
  • COOL SYMBOLS: Are you searching for cool symbols for your BGMI clan name? Checkout the website CoolSymbols.com and use the symbols to make your BGMI clan name unique.
  • Some other Websites to Create Unique BGMI Clan Names: Lingojam, Fontspace and Fsymbols.
  • Best Apps To Generate BGMI Clan Names For Android Smartphones: Name creator for pubg (BGMI), Fancy Text Generator (Stylish Symbols), BGMI Name Generator -Stylish, Unique, Clan, Symbol, BGMI – Name Creator, Symbols Creator and Symbol For Pro Gaming Name.

FAQ About Creating BGMI Clan Names in Battleground Mobile India:

Can we change BGMI clan name after setting up?

Yes, BGMI players can change their BGMI clan name as many times they want. But there is restriction of 60 days after changing the clan name once and you will need 300 points to get the BGMI clan rename card.

In how many UC points can i purchase the BGMI clan rename card?

The mobile gamers need to spend atleast 50UC points to purchase the BGMI clan rename card.

Is there any method to get the BGMI Clan rename card for free?

Yes during the gameplay of Battleground Mobile India you will get several events to win Clan rename UC card or you can collect clan points to get BGMI clan rename card for free.

Which are the most popular BGMI clans in India?

In India, currently there are 3-4 clans which are popular as they have their own gaming bootcamps. The top 3 famous BGMI clans in India are SOUL, 8 BIT and Entity Gaming.

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